Name Attribute Description
bird_exporter-1.2.4 nur.repos.aasg.prometheus-bird-exporter Bird protocol state exporter for bird routing daemon to use with Prometheus
dma-0.13 nur.repos.aasg.dma Small mail transport agent designed for home and office use
dyndnsc-0.5.1 nur.repos.aasg.dyndnsc Dynamic DNS update client with support for multiple protocols
esbuild-0.7.14 nur.repos.aasg.esbuild An extremely fast JavaScript bundler and minifier
guile-commonmark-0.1.2 nur.repos.aasg.guile-commonmark CommonMark parser for Guile
guile-json-4.4.1 nur.repos.aasg.guile-json JSON module for Guile
haunt-0.2.4 nur.repos.aasg.haunt Functional static site generator
ipfs-cluster-0.13.1 nur.repos.aasg.ipfs-cluster Allocate, replicate, and track Pins across a cluster of IPFS daemons
iwgtk-0.4 nur.repos.aasg.iwgtk Lightweight, graphical wifi management utility for Linux
node_matrix-appservice-irc-0.23.0 nur.repos.aasg.matrix-appservice-irc Node.js IRC bridge for Matrix
python3.8-daemonocle-1.0.2 nur.repos.aasg.python3Packages.daemonocle A Python library for creating super fancy Unix daemons
rtl8723bu-unstable-2020-11-24 nur.repos.aasg.linuxPackages.rtl8723bu Driver for RTL8723BU
rtl8723bu-unstable-2020-11-24 nur.repos.aasg.linuxPackages_latest.rtl8723bu Driver for RTL8723BU
rust_drep-0.1.2 nur.repos.aasg.drep A grep with runtime reloadable filters
rust_shellharden-4.1.2 nur.repos.aasg.shellharden The corrective bash syntax highlighter
rust_trust-dns-0.19.5 nur.repos.aasg.trust-dns Rust-based DNS client, server, and resolver