Name Attribute Description
cboard-0.7.5 nur.repos.chagra.cboard CBoard is a Console/Curses PGN file browser, editor and interface to chess engines supporting the XBoard protocol. It supports SAN move format with annotations and lots more.
compton-kawase-blur-0.1_beta2 nur.repos.chagra.compton-tryone A fork of XCompMgr, a sample compositing manager for X servers
nudoku nur.repos.chagra.nudoku ncurses based sudoku game
python3.8-ueberzug-18.1.5 nur.repos.chagra.ueberzug alternative for w3mimgdisplay
ripcord nur.repos.chagra.ripcord Desktop chat client for group-centric services like Slack and Discord
swayblocks-25-11-2018-25-11-2018 nur.repos.chagra.swayblocks a highly customizable, language agnostic status bar manager for i3 and sway written in elixir
ydotool-0.1.8 nur.repos.chagra.ydotool Generic Linux command-line automation tool