Name Attribute Description
battery-icons-2020-01-26 nur.repos.emmanuelrosa.battery-icons A font containing nothing but batteries.
bisq-desktop-1.7.5 nur.repos.emmanuelrosa.bisq-desktop A decentralized bitcoin exchange network
bitcoin-onion-nodes-2.0.txt nur.repos.emmanuelrosa.bitcoin-onion-nodes A list of over 1,000 Bitcoin Core nodes running as Tor v3 onion services.
century-gothic-2016-09-17 nur.repos.emmanuelrosa.century-gothic Century Gothic font.
electrum-hardened nur.repos.emmanuelrosa.electrum-hardened The Electrum Bitcoin wallet, but restricted by a Bubblewrap Linux container for enhanced privacy protection.
electrum-personal-server-0.2.2 nur.repos.emmanuelrosa.electrum-personal-server An lightweight, single-user implementation of the Electrum server protocol
electrumx-1.16.0 nur.repos.emmanuelrosa.electrumx A reimplementation of electrum-server.
er-wallpaper- nur.repos.emmanuelrosa.er-wallpaper A script for changing wallpaper and setting color schemes, for Linux
example-package-1.0 nur.repos.emmanuelrosa.example-package
muun-recovery-tool-2.1.2 nur.repos.emmanuelrosa.muun-recovery-tool You can use this Recovery Tool to transfer all funds out of your Muun account to an address of your choosing
nvidia-offload nur.repos.emmanuelrosa.nvidia-offload
pdf2png- nur.repos.emmanuelrosa.pdf2png A simple script to convert a PDF into multiple PNGs.
rofi-menu-0.7.0 nur.repos.emmanuelrosa.rofi-menu Various rofi menus (aka. modi)
sierrachart-2332 nur.repos.emmanuelrosa.sierrachart A professional desktop Trading and Charting platform for the financial markets, supporting connectivity to various exchanges and backend trading platform services.
sparrow-1.5.4 nur.repos.emmanuelrosa.sparrow A modern desktop Bitcoin wallet application supporting most hardware wallets and built on common standards such as PSBT, with an emphasis on transparency and usability.
tastyworks-1.19.3 nur.repos.emmanuelrosa.tastyworks We built tastyworks to be one of the fastest, most reliable, and most secure trading platforms in the world. At tastyworks, you can invest your time as wisely as you do your money. With our See It, Click It, Trade It design, your trading becomes efficient, confident, and current.
trace-font-2020-03-25 nur.repos.emmanuelrosa.trace-font Trace font
wingdings-2015-11-10 nur.repos.emmanuelrosa.wingdings Wingdings font.