Name Attribute Description
amsd-2.1.1-1412.2 nur.repos.johnazoidberg.ams HPE Agentless Management Service
caas-2019-12-10 nur.repos.johnazoidberg.caas XMPP Compliance Tester
dkgpg-1.1.0 nur.repos.johnazoidberg.dkgpg Distributed Key Generation (DKG) and Threshold Cryptography for OpenPGP
fbset-2.1-30 nur.repos.johnazoidberg.fbset Show and modify frame buffer device settings
gtkterm-unstable-2018-12-22 nur.repos.johnazoidberg.gtkterm GTK+ serial port terminal
hponcfg-5.6.0-0 nur.repos.johnazoidberg.hponcfg HPE RILOE II/iLO online configuration utility
ilorest-3.2.2-32 nur.repos.johnazoidberg.ilorest RESTful Interface Tool for HPE Servers
isabelle-2018 nur.repos.johnazoidberg.isabelle2018 A generic proof assistant
libtmcg-1.3.16 nur.repos.johnazoidberg.libtmcg C++ library for creating secure and fair online card games
multivault-2018-09-19 nur.repos.johnazoidberg.multivault Simple CLI to manage distributed secrets for Ansible
oath-1.4.1 nur.repos.johnazoidberg.python-oath Python implementation of HOTP, TOTP and OCRA algorithms from OATH
pppconfig-2.3.23 nur.repos.johnazoidberg.pppconfig Configure pppd to connect to the Internet
prosody-filer-1.0.0-rc3 nur.repos.johnazoidberg.prosody-filer Golang mod_http_upload_external server for Prosody
python-vipaccess-0.9.0 nur.repos.johnazoidberg.python-vipaccess Free software implementation of Symantec’s VIP Access application and protocol
python2.7-paho-mqtt-1.3.1 nur.repos.johnazoidberg.python2Packages.paho-mqtt MQTT version 3.1.1 client class
python2.7-pykwalify-1.7.0 nur.repos.johnazoidberg.python2Packages.pykwalify Python YAML/JSON schema validation library
python2.7-python-box-3.2.4 nur.repos.johnazoidberg.python2Packages.python-box Python dictionaries with advanced dot notation access
python2.7-tavern-0.26.1 nur.repos.johnazoidberg.python2Packages.tavern Command-line tool and Python library and Pytest plugin for automated testing of RESTful APIs
python3.9-cmakeconverter-1.2.0 nur.repos.johnazoidberg.python3Packages.cmakeconverter Facilitate the conversion of Visual Studio to CMake projects
python3.9-hkp4py- nur.repos.johnazoidberg.python3Packages.hkp4py A Library to get GPG/PGP keys from a Keyserver
python3.9-python-ilorest-library-3.2.2 nur.repos.johnazoidberg.python3Packages.python-ilorest-library Redfish library with additions for HPE iLO 4 and 5
rederr nur.repos.johnazoidberg.rederr Colour your stderr red
rfc-reader-2016-07-14 nur.repos.johnazoidberg.rfc-reader The CLI RFC reader
ssa-5.10-44.0 nur.repos.johnazoidberg.ssa Command line disk configuration utility for HPE Smart RAID and Smart HBA controllers
ssacli-5.10-44.0 nur.repos.johnazoidberg.ssacli Command line disk configuration utility for HPE Smart RAID and Smart HBA controllers
ssaducli-5.10-44.0 nur.repos.johnazoidberg.ssaducli Command line disk configuration utility for HPE Smart RAID and Smart HBA controllers
thpronun-0.1.0 nur.repos.johnazoidberg.thpronun A program for analyzing pronunciation of Thai words
timg-0.9.5 nur.repos.johnazoidberg.timg A viewer that uses 24-Bit color capabilities and unicode character blocks to display images in the terminal.
tiv-1.0.0 nur.repos.johnazoidberg.tiv Small C++ program to display images in a (modern) terminal using RGB ANSI codes and unicode block graphics characters
u-root-v1.0.0 nur.repos.johnazoidberg.u-root A fully Go userland! u-root can create a root file system (initramfs) containing a busybox-like set of tools written in Go.
uefi-driver-wizard nur.repos.johnazoidberg.uefi-driver-wizard UEFI Driver Wizard for EDK2
uefi-firmware-parser-1.8 nur.repos.johnazoidberg.uefi-firmware-parser Parse BIOS/Intel ME/UEFI firmware related structures: Volumes, FileSystems, Files, etc
voctomix-1.3 nur.repos.johnazoidberg.voctomix Full-HD Software Live-Video-Mixer in python
youtube-rss-2019-03-11 Generate an audio-only podcast rss feed from any YouTube channel or playlist