Name Attribute Description
checkra1n-0.10.1 nur.repos.joshuafern.checkra1n Jailbreak for iPhone 5s though iPhone X, iOS 12.3 and up
citra-unstable-2020-06-21 nur.repos.joshuafern.citra An open-source emulator for the Nintendo 3DS
dosbox-staging-0.75.0 nur.repos.joshuafern.dosbox-staging A modernized DOS emulator
libspeedhack nur.repos.joshuafern.libspeedhack A simple dynamic library to tweak the speed of applications
minigalaxy-0.9.4 nur.repos.joshuafern.minigalaxy A simple GOG client for Linux
oblige-7.70 nur.repos.joshuafern.oblige A random level generator for classic FPS games
qdl-unstable-2019-04-30 nur.repos.joshuafern.qdl A flasher for Qualcomm’s Emergency Download (EDL) mode
samrewritten-r133 nur.repos.joshuafern.samrewritten Allows you to unlock and relock your Steam achievements
sbase-unstable-2020-04-15 nur.repos.joshuafern.sbase suckless unix tools
steamgrid-unstable-2020-03-22 nur.repos.joshuafern.steamgrid Downloads images to fill your Steam grid view
ubase-unstable-2019-03-12 nur.repos.joshuafern.ubase suckless linux base utils
vban-unstable-2020-02-21 nur.repos.joshuafern.vban A simple audio over UDP protocol proposed by VB-Audio
vkbasalt-unstable-2020-05-03 nur.repos.joshuafern.vkbasalt A Vulkan post processing layer to enhance the visual graphics of games
yuzu-unstable-2020-05-08 nur.repos.joshuafern.yuzu An experimental Nintendo Switch emulator