Name Attribute Description
agate-1.2.2 Very simple server for the Gemini hypertext protocol
dmenu dmenu setup for LARBS
dockd-1.21 Lenovo ThinkPad Dock Management Daemon.
dwm Luke’s build of dwm
dwmblocks Luke’s build of dwmblocks
hyperion-rpi3 Hyperion is an open source ambient light software. Feel free to join us and contribute new features!
larbs-mail Neomutt + Mutt-Wizard: A system for automatically configuring mutt and isync with a simple interface and safe passwords
larbs-news Newsboat RSS reader with vim bindings
larbs-scripts Set of larbs user scripts
libthinkpad-2.6 A general purpose userspace ThinkPad library
simple-mtpfs-0.4.0 Simple MTP fuse filesystem driver.
st Luke’s fork of the suckless simple terminal (st) with vim bindings and Xresource compatibility.
task-spooler-1.0 Queue up tasks from the shell for batch execution