Name Attribute Description
artwiz-lemon nur.repos.reedrw.artwiz-lemon Improved version of artwiz-lime with better kerning, distinct characters, extended unicode support, and in-built icons.
bitwarden-rofi-git-2020-03-27 nur.repos.reedrw.bitwarden-rofi-patched Wrapper for Bitwarden and Rofi
comma nur.repos.reedrw.comma Comma runs software without installing it.
picom-next-ibhagwan nur.repos.reedrw.picom-next-ibhagwan A picom fork with rounded corners and dual_kawase blur on all backends.
rctpm nur.repos.reedrw.rctpm OpenRCT2 Plugin Manager
toonmux nur.repos.reedrw.toonmux Linux multi-toon controller for Toontown-based MMORPGs
viddy-0.3.1 nur.repos.reedrw.viddy A modern watch command. Time machine and pager etc.