Name Attribute Description
caprice32-2021-01-04 nur.repos.genesis.caprice32 A complete emulation of CPC464, CPC664 and CPC6128
colorize-1.1 nur.repos.genesis.colorize show differences between files using color graphics
emulicious-2024-05-31 nur.repos.genesis.emulicious Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Master System, Game Gear and MSX emulator
fragments-of-euclid-2017-03-03 nur.repos.genesis.fragments-of-euclid exploring and solving puzzle in a mind-bending environment inspired by M.C. Escher
freediag-unstable-2020-18-06 nur.repos.genesis.freediag Free diagnostic software for OBD-II compliant motor vehicles
gbdk-2020-4.2.0+git20240531 nur.repos.genesis.gbdk-2020 cross-platform development kit
gbdk-2020-sdcc-4.4.0 nur.repos.genesis.gbdk-2020-sdcc Small Device C Compiler
gbdk-n-unstable-2019-19-09 nur.repos.genesis.gbdk-n GBDK is an SDK for gameboy platform
hdl-batch-installer-unstable-2021-05-03 nur.repos.genesis.hdl-batch-installer GUI for hdl-dump
hdl_dump-unstable-2021-05-03 nur.repos.genesis.hdl-dump PlayStation 2 HDLoader image dump/install utility
hospital-hero-2020-04-11 You are a 101% systemically relevant janitor-hero!
kelftool-unstable-2021-05-03 nur.repos.genesis.kelftool PlayStation 2 utility for decrypt, encrypt and sign PS2 KELF and PSX KELF files
matiec-unstable-2020-07-06 nur.repos.genesis.matiec IEC 61131-3 compiler
microwindows-unstable-2019-05-20 nur.repos.genesis.microwindows A small graphical windowing system
mkpsxiso-1.23 nur.repos.genesis.mkpsxiso ISO Image Maker Made Specifically for PlayStation Homebrew Development
nsntrace-unstable-2020-05-25 nur.repos.genesis.nsntrace Perform network trace of a single process by using network namespaces
ntpbclient-0.5.3 nur.repos.genesis.ntpbclient Client application to talk to the server side of PS2rd
ps2client-1.3.0 nur.repos.genesis.ps2client Desktop clients to interact with ps2link and ps2netfs
ps2iconsys-unstable-2017-01-26 nur.repos.genesis.ps2iconsys PlayStation 2 tools that allow the creation and manipulation of icons and ICON.SYS
python3.12-pycotap-1.2.2 nur.repos.genesis.python3Packages.pycotap A tiny test runner that outputs TAP results to standard output
scriptcommunicator-05.13 nur.repos.genesis.scriptcommunicator Scriptable data terminal which supports several interfaces