Name Attribute Description
beagle-3.1.2 nur.repos.gricad.beagle high-performance library that can perform the core calculations at the heart of most Bayesian and Maximum Likelihood phylogenetics packages
fate nur.repos.gricad.fate
fineRADstructure-0.3.2r109 nur.repos.gricad.fineRADstructure Population structure inference from RAD-seq data
gdl nur.repos.gricad.gdl A free and open-source IDL/PV-WAVE compiler
gerris-131206 nur.repos.gricad.gerris
gts-121130 nur.repos.gricad.gts121130 GNU Triangulated Surface Library
hello-2.10 nur.repos.gricad.hello A program that produces a familiar, friendly greeting
hp2p-3.4 nur.repos.gricad.hp2p a MPI based benchmark for network diagnostic
hp2p-3.3 nur.repos.gricad.hp2p-intel a MPI based benchmark for network diagnostic
hpdbscan-1.1 nur.repos.gricad.hpdbscan Shared- and distributed-memory parallel implementation of the Density-Based Spatial Clustering for Applications with Noise (DBSCAN) algorithm
hpl-2.3 nur.repos.gricad.hpl Portable Implementation of the Linpack Benchmark for Distributed-Memory Computers
intel-compilers-2018u4 Intel compilers and libraries 2018 update 4
intel-compilers-2019u3 Intel compilers and libraries 2019 update 3
intel-oneapi-2024.0.1.46 Intel OneAPI Basekit + HPCKit
intel-oneapi-2022.2.0.262 Intel OneAPI Basekit + HPCKit
iqtree-2.1.2 nur.repos.gricad.iqtree efficient and versatile phylogenomic software by maximum likelihood
irods-4.2.10 nur.repos.gricad.irods Integrated Rule-Oriented Data System (iRODS)
irods-icommands-4.2.10 nur.repos.gricad.irods-icommands Integrated Rule-Oriented Data System (iRODS) CLI clients
kokkos-3.6.01 nur.repos.gricad.kokkos
lammps-stable_29Sep2021_update2 nur.repos.gricad.lammps-impi Classical Molecular Dynamics simulation code
libfabric-1.20.1 nur.repos.gricad.libfabric Open Fabric Interfaces
libfabric-opx-rc1 nur.repos.gricad.libfabric-cornelis Open Fabric Interfaces
obitools3-3.0.1b11 nur.repos.gricad.obitools3 Management of analyses and data in DNA metabarcoding
openmpi-5.0.2 nur.repos.gricad.openmpi Open source MPI-3 implementation
openmpi-4.1.1 nur.repos.gricad.openmpi-intel Open source MPI-3 implementation
openmpi-1.10.7 nur.repos.gricad.openmpi1 Open source MPI-2 implementation
openmpi-2.1.6 nur.repos.gricad.openmpi2 Open source MPI-2 implementation
openmpi-2.1.6 nur.repos.gricad.openmpi2-ib Open source MPI-2 implementation
openmpi-2.1.6 nur.repos.gricad.openmpi2-opa Open source MPI-2 implementation
openmpi-3.1.6 nur.repos.gricad.openmpi3 Open source MPI-3 implementation
openmpi-4.1.4 nur.repos.gricad.openmpi4 Open source MPI-3 implementation
osu-micro-benchmarks-7.0 nur.repos.gricad.osu-micro-benchmarks
opa-psm2-11.2.185 nur.repos.gricad.psm2 The PSM2 library supports a number of fabric media and stacks
scotch-6.0.5a nur.repos.gricad.scotch-mumps Graph and mesh/hypergraph partitioning, graph clustering, and sparse matrix ordering
siesta-4.1.5 nur.repos.gricad.siesta A first-principles materials simulation code using DFT
ucx-1.16.0-rc3 nur.repos.gricad.ucx Unified Communication X library