Name Attribute Description
dsd-fme-2023-05-17 nur.repos.badele.dsd-fme Digital Speech Decoder - Florida Man Edition
rtl-gopow-0.0.5 nur.repos.badele.rtl-gopow Render tables from rtl_power to a nice heat map
rtlsdr-airband-4.0.3 nur.repos.badele.rtlsdr-airband Multichannel AM/NFM demodulator
sdrpp-2023-05-05 nur.repos.badele.sdrpp Cross-Platform SDR Software
tetra-kit-2023.05.18 nur.repos.badele.tetra-kit Tetra downlink decoder/recorder kit
tetra-kit-player-2023-05-19 nur.repos.badele.tetra-kit-player TKP is web application that streams events and files produced by tetra kit.
tetrapol-kit-2020.10.12 nur.repos.badele.tetrapol-kit Experimental TETRAPOL receiver and decoder
trunk-recorder-4.5.0 nur.repos.badele.trunk-recorder Records calls from a Trunked Radio System (P25 & SmartNet)