Name Attribute Description
aamath-0.3 nur.repos.sikmir.aamath ASCII art mathematics
Amethyst-bin-0.15.4 nur.repos.sikmir.amethyst-bin Automatic tiling window manager for macOS à la xmonad
apibackuper-unstable-2020-11-03 nur.repos.sikmir.apibackuper Python library and cmd tool to backup API calls
ascii-dash-1.2.1 nur.repos.sikmir.ascii-dash Remake of BOULDER DASH with NCurses
basecamp-4.8.10 nur.repos.sikmir.basecamp BaseCamp lets you plan outdoor activities, organize your data and share your adventures with others
blind-1.1 nur.repos.sikmir.blind Collection of command line video editing utilities
cfiles-unstable-2020-06-09 nur.repos.sikmir.cfiles A ncurses file manager written in C with vim like keybindings
cgpsmapper-0093c nur.repos.sikmir.cgpsmapper GIS converter into GARMIN compatible format maps
csvquote-2018-05-28 nur.repos.sikmir.csvquote Enables common unix utlities like cut, awk, wc, head to work correctly with csv data containing delimiters and newlines
csvtools-2019-08-03 nur.repos.sikmir.csvtools GNU-alike tools for parsing RFC 4180 CSVs at high speed
datamaps-2014-08-19 nur.repos.sikmir.datamaps Indexes points and lines and generates map tiles to display them
dem-2014-05-25 nur.repos.sikmir.dem Digital Elevation Data
dict2rest-2016-12-05 nur.repos.sikmir.dict2rest A simple proxy service providing an HTTP interface to a Dict protocol (RFC 2229) server
docker-reg-tool-2021-02-15 nur.repos.sikmir.docker-reg-tool Docker registry cli tool, primarily for deleting images
docx2csv-unstable-2020-05-05 nur.repos.sikmir.docx2csv Extracts tables from .docx files and saves them as .csv or .xls files
elevation-server-unstable-2020-12-05 nur.repos.sikmir.elevation_server The server providing elevation data for written in go
elevation-unstable-2020-12-27 nur.repos.sikmir.elevation Python script to download global terrain digital elevation models, SRTM 30m DEM and SRTM 90m DEM
embox-unstable-2021-02-18 nur.repos.sikmir.embox Modular and configurable OS for embedded applications
farbfeld-utils-2020-11-02 nur.repos.sikmir.farbfeld-utils Collection of utilities for farbfeld picture format
foma-unstable-2020-09-28 nur.repos.sikmir.foma xfst-compatible C++ finite-state transducer library
freizeitkarte-osm-2020-09-09 nur.repos.sikmir.freizeitkarte-osm Freizeitkarte map with DEM (Digital Elevation Model) and hillshading
fx-18.0.1 nur.repos.sikmir.fx-bin Command-line tool and terminal JSON viewer
gadm-RUS-3.6 nur.repos.sikmir.gadm GADM data
garmin-uploader-unstable-2021-01-06 nur.repos.sikmir.garmin-uploader Garmin Connect Python Uploader
garminimg-2021-01-05 nur.repos.sikmir.garminimg Encode/decode a Garmin IMG file
gdcv-2020-05-14 nur.repos.sikmir.gdcv GoldenDict console version and emacs dynamic module
gef-unstable-2021-02-15 nur.repos.sikmir.gef GEF - GDB Enhanced Features for exploit devs & reversers
geminid-2020-09-09 nur.repos.sikmir.geminid Gemini Server in C
geographiclib-1.51 nur.repos.sikmir.geographiclib GeographicLib offers a C++ interfaces to a small (but important!) set of geographic transformations
gimgtools-unstable-2013-09-19 nur.repos.sikmir.gimgtools Garmin Image Tools
glauth-unstable-2020-02-24 nur.repos.sikmir.glauth A lightweight LDAP server for development, home use, or CI
gloggery-unstable-2020-10-11 nur.repos.sikmir.gloggery Gemtext blog static site generator
gmaptool-0.8.220 nur.repos.sikmir.gmaptool Program for splitting and merging maps in Garmin format
gmi2html-0.2.0 nur.repos.sikmir.gmi2html Translate text/gemini into HTML
gmnhg-0.1.1 nur.repos.sikmir.gmnhg Hugo-to-Gemini Markdown converter
gmni-2021-01-07 nur.repos.sikmir.gmni Gemini client
gmnisrv-2020-12-27 nur.repos.sikmir.gmnisrv Simple Gemini protocol server
go-staticmaps-2021-02-06 nur.repos.sikmir.go-staticmaps A go (golang) library and command line tool to render static map images using OpenStreetMap tiles
goldencheetah-bin-3.5 nur.repos.sikmir.goldencheetah-bin Performance software for cyclists, runners and triathletes
goldendict-arc-dark-theme-2019-04-06 nur.repos.sikmir.goldendict-arc-dark-theme GoldenDict Arc Dark Theme
goldendict-bin-1.5.0-RC2-372-gc3ff15f nur.repos.sikmir.goldendict-bin A feature-rich dictionary lookup program
goldendict-dark-theme-2018-11-08 nur.repos.sikmir.goldendict-dark-theme GoldenDict Dark Theme
gpsmap64-5.60 nur.repos.sikmir.gpsmap64 GPSMAP 64 (WebUpdater)
gpxelevations-unstable-2020-07-28 nur.repos.sikmir.gpxelevations Geo elevation data parser for “The Shuttle Radar Topography Mission” data
gpxlab-unstable-2020-10-16 nur.repos.sikmir.gpxlab Program to show and manipulate GPS tracks
gpxlib-unstable-2021-02-16 nur.repos.sikmir.gpxlib A c++ library for parsing, browsing, changing and writing of GPX files
gpxsee-bin-8.6 nur.repos.sikmir.gpxsee-bin GPS log file viewer and analyzer
gpxsee-maps-2021-02-14 nur.repos.sikmir.gpxsee-maps GPXSee maps
gpxsee-unstable-2021-02-16 nur.repos.sikmir.gpxsee GPS log file viewer and analyzer
gpxtools-2020-05-10 nur.repos.sikmir.gpxtools A collection of c++ tools for using GPX files
gpxtrackposter-unstable-2020-11-14 nur.repos.sikmir.gpxtrackposter Create a visually appealing poster from your GPX tracks
gpx_interpolate-2021-01-24 nur.repos.sikmir.gpx-interpolate Python script to interpolate GPX files using linear or spline interpolation
gt-bash-client-unstable-2020-11-01 Get translated text from your terminal! Console Google Translate Script (bash+curl+sed)
gt4gd-unstable-2021-02-02 nur.repos.sikmir.gt4gd Add Google translate to GoldenDict
gurl-unstable-2020-12-28 nur.repos.sikmir.gurl A curl-like cli application to interact with Gemini sites
hfst-unstable-2021-02-12 nur.repos.sikmir.hfst Helsinki Finite-State Technology (library and application suite)
how-to-use-pvs-studio-free-unstable-2021-02-08 How to use PVS-Studio for Free
ht-0.6.0 Yet another HTTPie clone
hurl-0.4 nur.repos.sikmir.hurl Relatively simple HTTP, HTTPS and Gopher client/file grabber
i18n-editor-bin-2.0.0-beta.1 nur.repos.sikmir.i18n-editor-bin GUI for editing your i18n translation files
imgdecode-1.1 nur.repos.sikmir.imgdecode IMG Decoder
imscript-2020-12-07 nur.repos.sikmir.imscript A collection of small and standalone utilities for image processing
ish-0.2 nur.repos.sikmir.ish ICMP Shell
it-sanasto-2020-02-27 IT-alan englanti-suomi -sanasto
iterm2-bin-3.3.12 nur.repos.sikmir.iterm2-bin A replacement for Terminal and the successor to iTerm
kiln-0.1.0 nur.repos.sikmir.kiln A simple static site generator for Gemini
kineto-2021-01-15 nur.repos.sikmir.kineto An HTTP to Gemini proxy
klogg-bin-20.12 nur.repos.sikmir.klogg-bin A fast, advanced log explorer based on glogg project
klogg-unstable-2021-02-04 nur.repos.sikmir.klogg A fast, advanced log explorer based on glogg project
komputeko-2020-10-18 nur.repos.sikmir.komputeko Prikomputila terminokolekto
lacc-2021-01-31 nur.repos.sikmir.lacc A simple, self-hosting C compiler
lazyscraper-unstable-2020-05-19 nur.repos.sikmir.lazyscraper Lazy helper tool to make easier scraping with simple tasks
lel-0.2 nur.repos.sikmir.lel Farbfeld image viewer
libgarmin-2008-12-27 nur.repos.sikmir.libgarmin Garmin IMG format library
librewolf-83.0 nur.repos.sikmir.librewolf A fork of Firefox, focused on privacy, security and freedom
libshell-unstable-2020-03-16 nur.repos.sikmir.libshell A library of shell functions
lsdreader-unstable-2018-12-28 nur.repos.sikmir.lsdreader decompile Lingvo LSD dictionary to DSL
MacPass-bin-0.7.12 nur.repos.sikmir.macpass-bin A native OS X KeePass client
map-stylizer-unstable-2020-06-30 GUI written in Python to parse OSM (OpenStreetMap) files and render them onscreen
map-tiler-2019-10-24 Raster maps to map tiles
maperitive-bin-2.4.3 nur.repos.sikmir.maperitive-bin Desktop application for drawing maps based on OpenStreetMap and GPS data
mapsoft-unstable-2021-01-31 nur.repos.sikmir.mapsoft Mapping software for linux
mapsoft2-1.5 nur.repos.sikmir.mapsoft2 A collection of tools and libraries for working with maps and geo-data
maptourist-2021-02-17 nur.repos.sikmir.maptourist Ежедневная сборка карт из данных OpenStreetMap для навигационных приборов и приложений Garmin
md2gemini-unstable-2020-12-14 nur.repos.sikmir.md2gemini File converter from Markdown to Gemini
microjson-unstable-2020-11-30 nur.repos.sikmir.microjson Tiny streaming json deserializer
morse-talk-unstable-2016-12-25 nur.repos.sikmir.morse-talk A Python library written for Morse Code
mtk-suomi-2020-12-26 nur.repos.sikmir.mtk-suomi Maanmittauslaitoksen peruskartan tasoiset ja näköiset ilmaiset maastokartat
musig-unstable-2020-02-22 nur.repos.sikmir.musig A shazam like tool to store musics fingerprints and retrieve them
nakarte-2021-02-18 nur.repos.sikmir.nakarte Source code of site
nnn-plugins-2021-02-18 nur.repos.sikmir.nnn-plugins Plugins extend the capabilities of nnn
ocad2mp-unstable-2011-01-26 nur.repos.sikmir.ocad2mp Converter from OCAD map format to Polish format
odict-unstable-2021-01-08 nur.repos.sikmir.odict A blazingly-fast replacement for Apple Dictionaries, Babylon, StarDict, etc
opendict-0.6.8 nur.repos.sikmir.opendict Free multiplatform dictionary
openmtbmap-2020-06-10 nur.repos.sikmir.openmtbmap Linux script to extract and compile garmin *.img map files from or downloads
Openorienteering-Mapper-bin-20201227.4 nur.repos.sikmir.openorienteering-mapper-bin OpenOrienteering Mapper is a software for creating maps for the orienteering sport
OpenOrienteering-Mapper-unstable-2021-02-09 nur.repos.sikmir.openorienteering-mapper OpenOrienteering Mapper is a software for creating maps for the orienteering sport
opentopomap-2020-12-04 nur.repos.sikmir.opentopomap OpenTopoMap Garmin Edition
osm-area-tools-2021-01-04 nur.repos.sikmir.osm-area-tools OSM Area Tools
osmcoastline-2021-01-08 nur.repos.sikmir.osmcoastline Extracts coastline data from OpenStreetMap planet file
perl5.32.0-gpx-layer-2013-09-19 nur.repos.sikmir.gpx-layer Tools to turn GPX files into a GPS map tracing layer
perl5.32.0-ocad2img-2009-10-11 nur.repos.sikmir.ocad2img Converter from OCAD map format to Garmin format
perl5.32.0-osm2mp-2018-08-31 nur.repos.sikmir.osm2mp Convert Openstreetmap data to MP format
phyghtmap-2.23 nur.repos.sikmir.phyghtmap Generate OSM contour lines from NASA SRTM data
polyvectorization-2019-08-23 nur.repos.sikmir.polyvectorization Reference implementation of Vectorization of Line Drawings via PolyVector Fields
ptunnel-0.72 nur.repos.sikmir.ptunnel A tool for reliably tunneling TCP connections over ICMP echo request and reply packets
pvs-studio-7.11.44138.98 nur.repos.sikmir.pvs-studio Static code analyzer for C, C++
py-staticmaps-unstable-2021-02-11 A python module to create static map images with markers, geodesic lines, etc.
python3.8-bson-unstable-2020-05-26 nur.repos.sikmir.bson Independent BSON codec for Python that doesn’t depend on MongoDB
python3.8-cheetah3-unstable-2021-01-19 nur.repos.sikmir.cheetah3 Cheetah3 is a free (MIT) and open source template engine for Python
python3.8-CJKwrap-2.2 nur.repos.sikmir.cjkwrap A library for wrapping and filling UTF-8 CJK text
python3.8-click-6.7 Create beautiful command line interfaces in Python
python3.8-jsonseq-unstable-2019-07-31 nur.repos.sikmir.jsonseq Python implementation of RFC 7464
python3.8-maprec-2019-10-24 nur.repos.sikmir.maprec
python3.8-mercantile-unstable-2020-08-24 nur.repos.sikmir.mercantile Spherical mercator tile and coordinate utilities
python3.8-mikatools-unstable-2020-09-11 nur.repos.sikmir.mikatools Mikatools provides fast and easy methods for common Python coding tasks
python3.8-ozi_map-2019-10-24 nur.repos.sikmir.ozi_map python module for reading OziExplorer .map files
python3.8-pyephem-unstable-2021-02-10 nur.repos.sikmir.pyephem Scientific-grade astronomy routines for Python
python3.8-pyimagequant-2019-10-24 nur.repos.sikmir.pyimagequant python bindings for libimagequant (pngquant core)
python3.8-pymbtiles-unstable-2021-02-16 nur.repos.sikmir.pymbtiles Python utilities for Mapbox mbtiles files
python3.8-python-hfst-2021-02-12 nur.repos.sikmir.python-hfst Python bindings for HFST
python3.8-s2sphere-unstable-2017-11-16 nur.repos.sikmir.s2sphere Python implementation of the S2 geometry library
python3.8-thinplatespline-2013-01-23 nur.repos.sikmir.thinplatespline Python library for thin plate spline calculations
qgis-bin-3.10.14 nur.repos.sikmir.qgis-ltr-bin A Free and Open Source Geographic Information System
qgis-bin-3.16.4 nur.repos.sikmir.qgis-bin A Free and Open Source Geographic Information System
qmapshack-bin-1.15.2 nur.repos.sikmir.qmapshack-bin Consumer grade GIS software
qmapshack-onlinemaps-2020-08-09 nur.repos.sikmir.qmapshack-onlinemaps Onlinekarten einbinden
qtpbfimageplugin-styles-2020-04-10 nur.repos.sikmir.qtpbfimageplugin-styles QtPBFImagePlugin styles
quark-2021-01-24 nur.repos.sikmir.quark Extremely small and simple HTTP GET/HEAD-only web server for static content
qutebrowser-bin-1.14.1 nur.repos.sikmir.qutebrowser-bin A keyboard-driven, vim-like browser based on PyQt5
redict-unstable-2019-06-20 nur.repos.sikmir.redict A dictionary for Linux, based on C++/Qt development
render_geojson-2018-07-11 nur.repos.sikmir.render_geojson C++ geoJSON and topoJSON parser and rendering using the WxWidgets GUI library
routinodb-2021-02-17 nur.repos.sikmir.routinodb Routino Database
saait-2020-11-15 nur.repos.sikmir.saait The most boring static page generator
sasplanet-bin-200606 nur.repos.sikmir.sasplanet-bin SAS.Planet is a program designed for viewing and downloading high-resolution satellite imagery and conventional maps
sbase-2021-01-15 nur.repos.sikmir.sbase suckless unix tools
scroll-0.1 nur.repos.sikmir.scroll Scrollbackbuffer program for st
sdlmap-2014-02-09 nur.repos.sikmir.sdlmap A SDL + libcurl OpenStreetMap viewer
sendmap20-4.2 nur.repos.sikmir.sendmap20 Software for uploading maps to your GPS
sfeed-0.9.20 nur.repos.sikmir.sfeed RSS and Atom parser
sfm-2021-02-18 nur.repos.sikmir.sfm Simple file manager
shavit-2020-03-14 nur.repos.sikmir.shavit Gemini server
slazav-hr-2021-02-07 nur.repos.sikmir.slazav-hr Slazav mountains
slazav-podm-2020-12-03 nur.repos.sikmir.slazav-podm-bin Карты Подмосковья
slazav-podm-2021-01-09 nur.repos.sikmir.slazav-podm Карты Подмосковья в виде номенклатурных листов 1:100000 - исходники в формате mapsoft vmap
stardict-tools-2021-01-07 nur.repos.sikmir.stardict-tools Automatically exported from
supermercado-unstable-2020-10-14 nur.repos.sikmir.supermercado Supercharger for mercantile
synwrite-bin-6.40.2770 nur.repos.sikmir.synwrite-bin Advanced text editor for programmers and Notepad replacement
taginfo-tools-2020-11-17 nur.repos.sikmir.taginfo-tools C++ tools used in taginfo processing
taskcoach-1.4.6 nur.repos.sikmir.taskcoach Your friendly task manager
tatoeba-2021-01-02 nur.repos.sikmir.tatoeba Tatoeba is a collection of sentences and translations
tatoebatools-unstable-2020-12-01 nur.repos.sikmir.tatoebatools A library for downloading, updating and iterating over monolingual data files from Tatoeba
tile-stitch-2019-07-11 nur.repos.sikmir.tile-stitch Stitch together and crop map tiles for a specified bounding box
tilesets-cli-unstable-2021-02-16 nur.repos.sikmir.tilesets-cli CLI for interacting with the Mapbox Tilesets API
tpkutils-unstable-2021-02-10 nur.repos.sikmir.tpkutils ArcGIS Tile Package Utilities
usa-osm-topo-routable-33 nur.repos.sikmir.usa-osm-topo-routable USA OSM Topo Routable
visualgps-unstable-2020-03-29 nur.repos.sikmir.visualgps A QT application (GUI) that makes use of the VisualGPS/NMEAParser project
wireguard-statusbar-bin-1.24 nur.repos.sikmir.wireguard-statusbar-bin macOS menubar icon for WireGuard/wg-quick
xfractint-20.04p14 nur.repos.sikmir.xfractint Fractal generator
xprompt-2.4.0 nur.repos.sikmir.xprompt A dmenu rip-off with contextual completion
xtr-unstable-2021-02-14 nur.repos.sikmir.xtr Translation tools for rust
yabai-3.3.6 nur.repos.sikmir.yabai A tiling window manager for macOS based on binary space partitioning
zdict-unstable-2021-02-18 nur.repos.sikmir.zdict The last online dictionary framework you need