Name Attribute Description
Anime4K-4.0.1 nur.repos.xyenon.anime4k A High-Quality Real Time Upscaler for Anime Video
catp-0.2.0 nur.repos.xyenon.catp Print the output of a running process
github-copilot-cli-0.1.36 nur.repos.xyenon.github-copilot-cli A CLI experience for letting GitHub Copilot help you on the command line
go-check-unstable-2024-02-17 nur.repos.xyenon.go-check Check for outdated go module
immer-unstable-2024-03-26 nur.repos.xyenon.immer-unstable Postmodern immutable and persistent data structures for C++ — value semantics at scale
kazv-unstable-2024-04-03 nur.repos.xyenon.kazv A convergent qml/kirigami matrix client based on libkazv
lager-unstable-2024-03-26 nur.repos.xyenon.lager-unstable C++ library for value-oriented design using the unidirectional data-flow architecture — Redux for C++
libkazv-unstable-2024-03-17 nur.repos.xyenon.libkazv A sans-io C++ (gnu++17) matrix client library
nginx-1.24.0 nur.repos.xyenon.nginx A reverse proxy and lightweight webserver
nginx-1.25.4 nur.repos.xyenon.nginxMainline A reverse proxy and lightweight webserver
zug-unstable-2024-03-26 nur.repos.xyenon.zug-unstable Transducers for C++ — Clojure style higher order push/pull sequence transformations