Name Attribute Description
vscode-1.78.2 nur.repos.utybo.code-hotfix Open source source code editor developed by Microsoft for Windows,Linux and macOS
git-credential-manager-2.0.886 nur.repos.utybo.git-credential-manager Secure, cross-platform Git credential storage with authentication to GitHub, Azure Repos, and other popular Git hosting services
clion-2022.3 nur.repos.utybo.jetbrains.clion C/C++ IDE. New. Intelligent. Cross-platform
datagrip-2022.3.1 nur.repos.utybo.jetbrains.datagrip Your Swiss Army Knife for Databases and SQL
gateway-2022.3-Beta nur.repos.utybo.jetbrains.gateway Your single entry point to all remote development environments
idea-community-2022.3.1 nur.repos.utybo.jetbrains.idea-community Integrated Development Environment (IDE) by Jetbrains, community edition
idea-ultimate-2022.3.1 nur.repos.utybo.jetbrains.idea-ultimate Integrated Development Environment (IDE) by Jetbrains, requires paid license
jetbrains-jdk-jcef-17.0.6-b829.9 nur.repos.utybo.jetbrains.jdk An OpenJDK fork to better support Jetbrains’s products.
mps-2022.2 nur.repos.utybo.jetbrains.mps Create your own domain-specific language
phpstorm-2022.3 nur.repos.utybo.jetbrains.phpstorm Professional IDE for Web and PHP developers
pycharm-community-2022.3 nur.repos.utybo.jetbrains.pycharm-community PyCharm Community Edition
pycharm-professional-2022.3 nur.repos.utybo.jetbrains.pycharm-professional PyCharm Professional Edition
rider-2022.3.1 nur.repos.utybo.jetbrains.rider A cross-platform .NET IDE based on the IntelliJ platform and ReSharper
ruby-mine-2022.3 nur.repos.utybo.jetbrains.ruby-mine The Most Intelligent Ruby and Rails IDE
webstorm-2022.3 nur.repos.utybo.jetbrains.webstorm Professional IDE for Web and JavaScript development
kuro nur.repos.utybo.kuro kuro is an unofficial, featureful, open source,community-driven, free Microsoft To-Do app,used by people in more than 120 countries.