Name Attribute Description
fcitx5-tokyonight-unstable-2024-01-28 nur.repos.guanran928.fcitx5-tokyonight Fcitx5 theme using TokyoNight colorscheme
hanyi-wenhei-5.00 nur.repos.guanran928.hanyi-wenhei Han Yi Wen Hei (汉仪文黑) font
hanyi-wenhei-genshin-4.5.0 nur.repos.guanran928.hanyi-wenhei-genshin Han Yi Wen Hei (汉仪文黑) font, modified by miHoYo
harmonyos-sans-1.0 nur.repos.guanran928.harmonyos-sans HarmonyOS Sans font
metacubexd-1.135.1 nur.repos.guanran928.metacubexd Clash.Meta Dashboard, The Official One, XD
misans-4.003 nur.repos.guanran928.misans MiSans font
picom-ft-labs-unstable-2024-02-17 nur.repos.guanran928.picom-ft-labs A fork of Picom with more than 10 unique animation supported picom fork (open window, tag change, fading …)
telegram-swift-bin-10.8.259860-stable nur.repos.guanran928.telegram-swift-bin Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app with a focus on security and speed.
v2ray-rules-dat-202402242208 nur.repos.guanran928.v2ray-rules-dat Enhanced edition of V2Ray rules dat files