Name Attribute Description
case-cli-18ffbe0 Convert string case on your terminal as you want
cloudflare-cli-4.2.0 nur.repos.liyangau.cloudflare-cli CLI for interacting with Cloudflare
hexo-cli-4.3.1 nur.repos.liyangau.hexo-cli Command line interface for Hexo.
ingress2gateway-0.1.0 nur.repos.liyangau.ingress2gateway Convert Ingress resources to Gateway API resources
insomnia-9.3.1 nur.repos.liyangau.insomnia The most intuitive cross-platform REST API Client
kong-portal-cli-3.6.2 nur.repos.liyangau.kong-portal-cli The Kong Developer Portal CLI is used to manage your Developer Portals from the command line. It is built using clipanion.
squoosh-cli-0.7.3 nur.repos.liyangau.squoosh-cli Make images smaller using best-in-class codecs