Name Attribute Description
aprsgateway-2024-01-29 nur.repos.DanNixon.aprsgateway A single point of access to the APRS network for the other gateway programs
dapnetgateway-2024-01-29 nur.repos.DanNixon.dapnetgateway Gateway to the DAPNET POCSAG network
dmrgateway-2024-02-02 nur.repos.DanNixon.dmrgateway A multi-network DMR gateway for the MMDVM
git-collage-0.4.2 nur.repos.DanNixon.git-collage A tool for selectively mirroring Git repositories.
metty-2024.3.1 nur.repos.DanNixon.metty A CLI tool for getting real time information about the Tyne and Wear Metro.
mmdvmhost-2024-02-09 nur.repos.DanNixon.mmdvmhost The host program for the MMDVM
satorictl-unstable-2024-03-13 nur.repos.DanNixon.satorictl-unstable CLI control tool for Satori, a very simple NVR for IP cameras.