Name Attribute Description
aws-iot-securetunneling-localproxy-3.1.0 AWS Iot Secure Tunneling local proxy reference C++ implementation
dashlane-cli-1.13.0 nur.repos.mloeper.dashlane-cli A Dashlane CLI
devcontainer-cli-unofficial-0.1.5524099953 nur.repos.mloeper.devcontainer-cli-unofficial Unofficial CLI for making it easier to work with Visual Studio Code dev containers from the terminal
dynobase-2.3.0 nur.repos.mloeper.dynobase Professional GUI Client for DynamoDB
elster-authenticator-56.1 nur.repos.mloeper.elster-authenticator Tool to login into Mein ELSTER and authorize operations within the webapp
mousevader-1.2 nur.repos.mloeper.firefox-addons.mousevader A privacy tool that misleads trackers by creating noise
mousevaderv2-2.0 nur.repos.mloeper.firefox-addons.mousevaderv2 A tool that misleads dashboard inactivity detections
git-credential-manager-2.2.2 nur.repos.mloeper.git-credential-manager Secure, cross-platform Git credential storage with authentication to GitHub, Azure Repos, and other popular Git hosting services
glib-2.74.5 nur.repos.mloeper.glib C library of programming buildings blocks
lightdm-webkit2-greeter-2.2.5 nur.repos.mloeper.lightdm-webkit2-greeter A modern, visually appealing greeter for LightDM
mingo-1.13.3 nur.repos.mloeper.mingo The best MongoDB GUI Admin. Intuitive • Fast • Secure
mkusb-nox-23.1.2 nur.repos.mloeper.mkusb-nox Copy an ISO file to a USB device
mkusb-plug-2.8.7 nur.repos.mloeper.mkusb-plug Graphical user interface around xorriso-dd-target and mkusb-sedd
mkusb-sedd-2.8.7 nur.repos.mloeper.mkusb-sedd Create standard cloned live and installer drives and also persistent live drives
protobuf-3.19.6 nur.repos.mloeper.protobuf3_19 Google’s data interchange format
usbguard-applet-qt-1.0.0 nur.repos.mloeper.usbguard-applet-qt Qt applet of USBGuard, as available before its removal from the USBGuard sources
xorriso-1.5.7 nur.repos.mloeper.xorriso ISO 9660 Rock Ridge file system manipulator