Name Attribute Description
chalet-0.10.2 nur.repos.etu.chalet Start apps from your browser
etuvetica-1 nur.repos.etu.font-etuvetica etu’s terrible font
talyznewroman-1 nur.repos.etu.font-talyznewroman talyz’s terrible font
g90updatefw-1.5 nur.repos.etu.g90updatefw Xiegu G90 and Xiego G106 Firmware Updater
github-markdown-toc-0.8.0 nur.repos.etu.github-markdown-toc gh-md-toc: Easy TOC creation for GitHub
goprocmgr-1.5.0 nur.repos.etu.goprocmgr A simple process manager for Go
llr-0.9.1 nur.repos.etu.llr llr reads text and truncates it to the terminal width
mkvcleaner-1.1.0 nur.repos.etu.mkvcleaner bulk-remux mkv-files from tracks of unwanted languages