Name Attribute Description
json-yaml-1.2.1 nur.repos.shados.json-yaml Converts JSON to YAML and back
loudgain-unstable-2019-11-03 nur.repos.shados.loudgain ReplayGain 2.0 loudness normalizer based on the EBU R128/ITU BS.1770 standard
node_bash-language-server-1.5.6 nur.repos.shados.bash-language-server A language server for Bash
node_fixjson-1.1.0 nur.repos.shados.fixjson JSON fixer for humans using (relaxed) JSON5
node_vscode-css-languageserver-bin-1.4.0 nur.repos.shados.vscode-css-language-server-bin Binary version published on npm of vscode-css-languageserver extracted from VSCode tree
rxvt-unicode-with-perl-with-unicode3-9.22 nur.repos.shados.rxvt_unicode_24bit A clone of the well-known terminal emulator rxvt
tagsistant-unstable-2017-02-12 nur.repos.shados.tagsistant Semantic filesystem for Linux, with relation reasoner, autotagging plugins and a deduplication service
urxvt-config-reload nur.repos.shados.urxvt-config-reload A urxvt extension that allows reloading urxvt configuration at runtime bysending SIGHUP to the urxvt process.
urxvtconfig-unstable-2017-11-30 nur.repos.shados.urxvtconfig A graphical user interface tool for configuration of the rxvt-unicode terminal emulator.