Name Attribute Description
ack-results-parser-0.1.0-20240611-af271293fbab nur.repos.javimerino.ack-results-parser Tool for parsing the output of an ACK run
koji-1.34.0 nur.repos.javimerino.koji A flexible, secure, and reproducible way to build RPM-based software.
llm-ollama-0.4.2 nur.repos.javimerino.llm-ollama LLM plugin providing access to models running on local Ollama server.
mail_replyer nur.repos.javimerino.mail_replyer Test LLMs to write emails
python3.12-pybeam-0.7 nur.repos.javimerino.pybeam Python module to parse Erlang BEAM files
python3.12-python-hwinfo-0.1.7 nur.repos.javimerino.python-hwinfo Library for inspecting hardware info using standard linux utilities
python3.12-python-qpid-proton-0.39.0 nur.repos.javimerino.python-qpid-proton An AMQP based messaging library
rpmlint-2.6.0 nur.repos.javimerino.rpmlint Tool for checking common errors in rpm packages
say nur.repos.javimerino.say Simple CLI for converting text to speech using piper-tts
xr-0.1.0-20240308-679298be nur.repos.javimerino.xr CLI utility for Xen state manipulation