Name Attribute Description
aether-server-2.0.0-dev.15 nur.repos.milahu.aether-server Peer-to-peer ephemeral public communities
archive-org-downloader-2021-09-19 nur.repos.milahu.archive-org-downloader download books from
github-downloader-2020-06-30.08049f6 nur.repos.milahu.github-downloader Download folders and files from github without cloning
hazel-2022-02-28 nur.repos.milahu.hazel-editor a live functional programming environment with typed holes. web-based structural editor
proftpd-1.3.8rc3 nur.repos.milahu.proftpd highly configurable FTP server
pyload-unstable-2022-05-06 nur.repos.milahu.pyload Free and open source downloader for 1-click-hosting sites
python3.10-gaupol- nur.repos.milahu.gaupol subtitles editor in python
python3.10-srtgen-0.1.0 nur.repos.milahu.srtgen Generate subtitles for video file
python3.9-autosub-1.1.0 nur.repos.milahu.autosub-by-abhirooptalasila generate video subtitles with offline speech recognition (DeepSpeech, STT)
rasterview-1.8 nur.repos.milahu.rasterview Viewer for CUPS/PWG/Apple raster files
recaf-bin-2.21.0 nur.repos.milahu.recaf-bin Java bytecode editor (binary release)
ricochet-refresh-3.0.10 nur.repos.milahu.ricochet-refresh Private, anonymous, and metadata resistant instant messaging using Tor onion services
rose- nur.repos.milahu.rose compiler infrastructure to build source-to-source program transformation and analysis tools for large-scale C (C89 and C98), C++ (C++98 and C++11), UPC, Fortran (77/95/2003), OpenMP, Java, Python and PHP applications
rpl-4467bd4 nur.repos.milahu.rpl Replace strings in files
svn2github-2019-03-04 nur.repos.milahu.svn2github Mirror SVN repositories to GitHub
tg-archive-unstable-2022-02-17 export Telegram group chats into static websites to preserve chat history like mailing list archives