Name Attribute Description
3dslink-0.6.1 nur.repos.ihaveamac._3dslink Send 3DSX files to the Homebrew Launcher on 3DS
3dstool-1.2.6 nur.repos.ihaveamac._3dstool An all-in-one tool for extracting/creating 3ds roms.
cleaninty-0.1.3 nur.repos.ihaveamac.cleaninty Perform some Nintendo console client to server operations
ctrtool-1.2.0 nur.repos.ihaveamac.ctrtool A tool to extract data from a 3ds rom
discordwikibot-2024-07-01 nur.repos.ihaveamac.discordwikibot Discord bot for Wikimedia projects and MediaWiki wiki sites
homebox-bin-0.10.3 nur.repos.ihaveamac.homebox-bin
kwin-move-window-1.1.1 nur.repos.ihaveamac.kwin-move-window KWin script that adds shortcuts to move the active window with the keyboard
lnshot-0.1.3 nur.repos.ihaveamac.lnshot Symlink your Steam screenshots to a sensible place
makebax-2019-01-22 nur.repos.ihaveamac.makebax BAX Animation creator
makerom-0.18.4 nur.repos.ihaveamac.makerom make 3ds roms
mediawiki-1.39.8 nur.repos.ihaveamac.mediawiki_1_39 The collaborative editing software that runs Wikipedia
mediawiki-1.40.4 nur.repos.ihaveamac.mediawiki_1_40 The collaborative editing software that runs Wikipedia
mediawiki-1.41.2 nur.repos.ihaveamac.mediawiki_1_41 The collaborative editing software that runs Wikipedia
mediawiki-1.42.1 nur.repos.ihaveamac.mediawiki_1_42 The collaborative editing software that runs Wikipedia
rvthtool-dev-2024-01-24 nur.repos.ihaveamac.rvthtool Open-source tool for managing RVT-H Reader consoles
save3ds-dev-2023-03-28 nur.repos.ihaveamac.save3ds Extract/Import/FUSE for 3DS save/extdata/database.
themethod3-2024-02-24 nur.repos.ihaveamac.themethod3 Tool for decrypting all mogg files used by the Rock Band series