Name Attribute Description
86box-3.7.1 nur.repos.shadowrz._86box Emulator of x86-based machines based on PCem
adw-gtk3-be9441ef8f1164aa0f9593ba3263711bea5c6a4f nur.repos.shadowrz.adw-gtk3 The theme from libadwaita ported to GTK-3
klassy-4.0.breeze5.25.80 nur.repos.shadowrz.klassy A highly customizable binary Window Decoration and Application Style plugin for recent versions of the KDE Plasma desktop
kose-font-20210514 nur.repos.shadowrz.kose-font A Chinese handwriting font derived from SetoFont / Naikai Font / cjkFonts-AllSeto.
mkxp-z-2.4.0 nur.repos.shadowrz.mkxp-z RGSS on Steroids. With a ridiculous name.
rvpacker-1.2.0 nur.repos.shadowrz.rvpacker A tool to unpack & pack RPGMaker data files into text so they can be version controlled & collaborated on
sddm-lain-wired-theme-0.9.1 nur.repos.shadowrz.sddm-lain-wired-theme A sddm theme inspired by Serial experiments lain
sddm-sugar-candy-2b72ef6c6f720fe0ffde5ea5c7c48152e02f6c4f nur.repos.shadowrz.sddm-sugar-candy The sweetest login theme avaliable for SDDM