Name Attribute Description
aml-upgrade-package-extract-2019-09-24 nur.repos.dukzcry.aml-upgrade-package-extract Amlogic Burn Card Maker alternative for Linux
cockpit-client-316 nur.repos.dukzcry.cockpit-client GUI for Cockpit
cockpit-machines-313 nur.repos.dukzcry.cockpit-machines Cockpit UI for virtual machines
cubesuite-2.8.2 nur.repos.dukzcry.cubesuite Manage Cuvave MIDI controllers
gitupdate nur.repos.dukzcry.gitupdate
gtk3-nocsd-2022-10-15 nur.repos.dukzcry.gtk3-nocsd A hack to disable gtk+ 3 client side decoration
homer-24.05.1 nur.repos.dukzcry.homer A very simple static homepage for your server
hostapd.sh nur.repos.dukzcry.hostapd
k380-function-keys-conf-1.1 nur.repos.dukzcry.k380-function-keys-conf Make function keys default on Logitech k380 bluetooth keyboard
KnobKraft-orm-1.10.1 nur.repos.dukzcry.knobkraft-orm Free modern cross-platform MIDI Sysex Librarian
libvirt-dbus-1.4.1 nur.repos.dukzcry.libvirt-dbus DBus protocol binding for libvirt native C API
massdns-1.0.0 nur.repos.dukzcry.massdns A high-performance DNS stub resolver for bulk lookups and reconnaissance (subdomain enumeration)
metube-2024-06-07 nur.repos.dukzcry.metube Self-hosted YouTube downloader (web UI for youtube-dl / yt-dlp)d
modplay-2024-06-11 nur.repos.dukzcry.modplay A quick hack to play tracker music on *nix
prometheus-nut-exporter-1.1.1 nur.repos.dukzcry.prometheus-nut-exporter A Prometheus exporter for Network UPS Tools (NUT)
re3-0.1 nur.repos.dukzcry.re3 GTA III engine
RealRTCW-3.1n nur.repos.dukzcry.realrtcw RealRTCW mod based on ioRTCW engine
revc-0.1 nur.repos.dukzcry.revc GTA Vice City engine
steamlink- nur.repos.dukzcry.steamlink Stream games from another computer with Steam
tun2socks-2.4.1 nur.repos.dukzcry.tun2socks tun2socks - powered by gVisor TCP/IP stack
wireless-regdb-2023.05.03 nur.repos.dukzcry.wireless-regdb Wireless regulatory database for CRDA
ydcmd-2.12.1 nur.repos.dukzcry.ydcmd Консольный клиент Linux/FreeBSD для работы с Яндекс.Диск (Yandex.Disk) посредством REST API