Name Attribute Description
ibmtss-1.6.0 nur.repos.congee.ibmtss User space TSS for TPM 2.0 by IBM.
openssl-tpm2-engine-3.1.1 nur.repos.congee.openssl-tpm2-engine A command-line utility used to generate a TSS key blob and write it to disk and an OpenSSL engine which interfaces with the TSS API.
pinentry-touchid-v0.0.3-rc1 nur.repos.congee.pinentry-touchid Custom GPG pinentry program for macOS that allows using Touch ID for fetching the password from the macOS keychain.
rusmux-0.3.7 nur.repos.congee.rusmux Tmux automation in rust
python3.11-sncli-0.4.1 nur.repos.congee.sncli Simplenote CLI
whereami-cf689854 nur.repos.congee.whereami Get your geolocation from the command line
wikit nur.repos.congee.wikit Wikit - A universal lookup tool