Name Attribute Description
chengla-electron-1.0.8 nur.repos.pokon548.chengla-electron Chengla unofficial client for Linux
favagtk-0.2.9 nur.repos.pokon548.favagtk Desktop application for Fava and Beancount built using Python and GTK.
fcitx5-pinyin-custompinyindict-20240329 nur.repos.pokon548.fcitx5-pinyin-custompinyindict 自建拼音输入法词库,百万常用词汇量,适配 Fcitx5 (Linux / Android) 及 Gboard (Android + Magisk) 。
flowtime-6.1 nur.repos.pokon548.flowtime Get what motivates you done, without losing concentration
geogebra-6-0-804-0 nur.repos.pokon548.geogebra Dynamic mathematics software with graphics, algebra and spreadsheets. Patched to use modern interface
Nekoray-3.19 nur.repos.pokon548.nekoray-bin Qt based cross-platform GUI proxy configuration manager (backend: v2ray / sing-box)
ntfy-naive nur.repos.pokon548.ntfy-naive A truly naive, cross-platform ntfy client that lives in your tray. Period.
plasma5-applets-window-appmenu-0.8.0 nur.repos.pokon548.plasma5-applets-window-appmenu Plasma 5 applet in order to show the window appmenu
plasma5-wallpapers-dynamic-4.4.0 nur.repos.pokon548.plasma5-wallpapers-dynamic Dynamic wallpaper plugin for KDE Plasma
Rustdesk-1.2.3 nur.repos.pokon548.rustdesk-bin An open-source remote desktop, and alternative to TeamViewer.
smartdns-rules-adrules-20231115 nur.repos.pokon548.smartdns-rules-adrules List for blocking ads in the Chinese region
smartdns-rules-adrules-20231113 nur.repos.pokon548.smartdns-rules-stevenblocks L🔒 Consolidating and extending hosts files from several well-curated sources. Optionally pick extensions for porn, social media, and other categories.
sticky-0.2.1 nur.repos.pokon548.sticky A simple sticky notes app for GNOME
todoist-electron-8.17.3 nur.repos.pokon548.todoist-electron The official Todoist electron app
ttf-blobmoji-15.0 nur.repos.pokon548.ttf-blobmoji Noto Emoji with extended Blob support
vaults-0.6.1 nur.repos.pokon548.vaults Keep important files safe
wechat-uos- nur.repos.pokon548.wechat-uos Messaging app
zhixi- nur.repos.pokon548.zhixi A cross-platform mindmap and diagramming tool that is lightweight and easy to use