Name Attribute Description
bw-pass-0.1.0 A simple script to query a password from bitwarden
change-audio-0.3.0 nur.repos.ambroisie.change-audio A script to change the volume and notify about it
change-backlight-0.1.0 nur.repos.ambroisie.change-backlight A script to change a screen’s brightness and notify about it
comma-0.1.0 nur.repos.ambroisie.comma A simple script inspired by Shopify’s comma, for modern Nix
diff-flake-0.2.0 nur.repos.ambroisie.diff-flake Nix flake helper to visualize changes in closures
dragger-0.1.0 nur.repos.ambroisie.dragger A CLI drag-and-drop tool
drone-rsync-0.1.0 nur.repos.ambroisie.drone-rsync Helper script to run rsync in a CI pipeline
drone-scp-1.6.3 nur.repos.ambroisie.drone-scp Copy files and artifacts via SSH using a binary, docker or Drone CI
ff2mpv-go-1.0.1 nur.repos.ambroisie.ff2mpv-go Native messaging host for ff2mpv written in Go.
havm-0.28 nur.repos.ambroisie.havm A simple virtual machine to execute Andrew Appel’s HIR/LIR
i3-get-window-criteria-0.1.0 nur.repos.ambroisie.i3-get-window-criteria Helper script to query i3 window criterions
lohr-0.4.0 nur.repos.ambroisie.lohr Git mirroring daemon
matrix-notifier-0.2.0 nur.repos.ambroisie.matrix-notifier A very simple bash script that can be used to send a message toa Matrix room
nolimips-0.11 nur.repos.ambroisie.nolimips A basic MIPS architecture simulator
rofi-bluetooth-unstable-2021-10-15 nur.repos.ambroisie.rofi-bluetooth A rofi menu for managing bluetooth connections
unbound-zones-adblock nur.repos.ambroisie.unbound-zones-adblock Unified host lists, ready to be used by unbound
unified-hosts-lists-3.11.16 nur.repos.ambroisie.unified-hosts-lists Unified host lists
vimix-cursors-unstable-2020-04-28 nur.repos.ambroisie.vimix-cursors An X cursor theme inspired by Materia design
volantes-cursors-unstable-2020-06-06 nur.repos.ambroisie.volantes-cursors Classic cursor with a flying style