Name Attribute Description
python3.11-bing-image-creator-0.4.4 nur.repos.mic92.bing-image-creator High quality image generation by Microsoft. Reverse engineered API
cntr-1.5.1 nur.repos.mic92.cntr A container debugging tool based on FUSE
ConkySymbols nur.repos.mic92.conky-symbols iconic font for use in Conky
eapol_test-2.10 nur.repos.mic92.eapol_test Tool for connecting to WPA and WPA2-protected wireless networks
python3.11-edge-gpt-0.13.2 nur.repos.mic92.edge-gpt Reverse engineered API of Microsoft’s Bing Chat AI
nerdfonts-3.2.1 nur.repos.mic92.fira-code-pro-nerdfonts Iconic font aggregator, collection, & patcher. 3,600+ icons, 50+ patched fonts
bluez-5.75 nur.repos.mic92.gatttool Official Linux Bluetooth protocol stack
gdb-dashboard-0.11.4 nur.repos.mic92.gdb-dashboard Modular visual interface for GDB in Python
goatcounter-2.4.1 nur.repos.mic92.goatcounter Easy web analytics. No tracking of personal data.
hello-2.10 nur.repos.mic92.hello-nur A program that produces a familiar, friendly greeting
irc-announce nur.repos.mic92.irc-announce IRC notifications implemented in ~25 lines shell script
ircsink-1.2.0 nur.repos.mic92.ircsink IRC notifications implemented as a shell script
lua5.2-lualdap-1.2.0 nur.repos.mic92.lualdap
mailexporter-2021-04-17 nur.repos.mic92.mailexporter Export Prometheus-style metrics about mail server functionality
mastodon-hnbot-1.0.0 nur.repos.mic92.mastodon-hnbot A bot posting hnbot news
noise-suppression-for-voice nur.repos.mic92.noise-suppression-for-voice Noise suppression plugin based on Xiph’s RNNoise
pandoc-bin-2.13 nur.repos.mic92.pandoc-bin Universal markup converter (static binary to save disk space)
patool-1.12 nur.repos.mic92.patool Portable archive file manager
peep-unstable-2021-04-17 nur.repos.mic92.peep The CLI text viewer tool that works like less command on small pane within the terminal window.
python3.11-chump-1.6.0 nur.repos.mic92.python3Packages.chump A fully featured API wrapper for Pushover.
python3.11-gatt-0.2.7 nur.repos.mic92.python3Packages.gatt Bluetooth GATT SDK for Python
python3.11-jupyterthemes-0.20.0 nur.repos.mic92.python3Packages.jupyterthemes Custom Jupyter Notebook Themes
python3.11-lesscpy-0.15.0 nur.repos.mic92.python3Packages.lesscpy Python LESS Compiler
python3.11-priority-1.3.0 nur.repos.mic92.python3Packages.priority A pure-Python HTTP/2 Priority implementation
python3.11-pry.py-0.1.1 nur.repos.mic92.python3Packages.pry An interactive drop in shell for python, similar to binding.pry in ruby
renovate-37.36.3 nur.repos.mic92.renovate Automated dependency updates. Flexible so you don’t need to be.
reveal-md-5.5.2 nur.repos.mic92.reveal-md reveal.js on steroids! Get beautiful reveal.js presentations from your Markdown files.
rspamd-learn-spam-ham-1.0.0 nur.repos.mic92.rspamd-learn-spam-ham Teach rspamd about spam/non-spam based on read mails in your maildir
nerdfonts-3.2.1 nur.repos.mic92.source-code-pro-nerdfonts Iconic font aggregator, collection, & patcher. 3,600+ icons, 50+ patched fonts
speedscope-1.16.0 nur.repos.mic92.speedscope English
traceshark-unstable-2020-05-15 nur.repos.mic92.traceshark This is a tool for Linux kernel ftrace and perf events visualization
untilport nur.repos.mic92.untilport Wait until tcp port is reachable
vaultwarden_ldap-1.0.0 nur.repos.mic92.vaultwarden_ldap LDAP directory connector for vaultwarden
yubikey-touch-detector-1.9.0 nur.repos.mic92.yubikey-touch-detector Detect when your YubiKey is waiting for a touch