Name Attribute Description
bane-0.4.4 nur.repos.j-k.bane Custom & better AppArmor profile generator for Docker containers
conform-0.1.0-alpha.25 nur.repos.j-k.conform Policy enforcement for your pipelines
container-diff-0.17.0 nur.repos.j-k.container-diff Diff your Docker containers
nerdfonts-3.2.1 nur.repos.j-k.hasklig-nerdfont Iconic font aggregator, collection, & patcher. 3,600+ icons, 50+ patched fonts
kdigger-2022-01-19-unstable nur.repos.j-k.kdigger A context discovery tool for Kubernetes penetration testing
kubernetes-bom-0.2.2 nur.repos.j-k.kubernetes-bom A utility to generate SPDX compliant Bill of Materials manifests
tuftool-0.6.4 nur.repos.j-k.tuftool A Rust command-line utility for generating and signing TUF repositories