Name Attribute Description
comma-2020-04-29 nur.repos.j-k.comma Comma runs software without installing it.
conform-0.1.0-alpha.20 nur.repos.j-k.conform Policy enforcement for your pipelines
container-diff-0.16.0 nur.repos.j-k.container-diff Diff your Docker containers
flat-remix-theme-20201129 nur.repos.j-k.flat-remix-theme A GTK application theme inspired by material design.
go-jira-1.0.27 nur.repos.j-k.go-jira Simple command line client for Atlassian’s Jira service written in Go
google-fonts-2021-04-09 nur.repos.j-k.google-fonts
goss-0.3.16 nur.repos.j-k.goss Quick and Easy server testing/validation
hunter-stable-2021-01-27 nur.repos.j-k.hunter The fastest file manager in the galaxy - rust stable fork
infracost-0.8.1 nur.repos.j-k.infracost Cloud cost estimates for Terraform in your CLI and pull requests
ko-0.8.3 nur.repos.j-k.ko Build and deploy Go applications on Kubernetes
konstraint-0.12.1 nur.repos.j-k.konstraint A policy management tool for interacting with Gatekeeper
nerdfont-hasklig-2.1.0 nur.repos.j-k.nerdfont-hasklig A code font based on source code pro with monospaced ligatures extended by nerd fonts
rakkess-0.4.7 nur.repos.j-k.rakkess Review Access - kubectl plugin to show an access matrix for k8s server resources
scorecard-1.2.0 nur.repos.j-k.scorecard A program that shows security scorecard for an open source software
subo-0.0.15 nur.repos.j-k.subo The Suborbital CLI
terraform-ls-0.16.2 nur.repos.j-k.terraform-ls Terraform Language Server
tuftool-0.6.1 nur.repos.j-k.tuftool A Rust command-line utility for generating and signing TUF repositories