Name Attribute Description
amdgpu-clocks-0.1.0 nur.repos.nikpkgs.amdgpu-clocks Tool for playing around with AMD GPU clocks and voltages
amdgpud-1.0.11 nur.repos.nikpkgs.amdgpud AMD GPU management tools
avahi2dns-0.0.2 nur.repos.nikpkgs.avahi2dns Small DNS server which interface with avahi (perfect for Alpine Linux and musl)
imhex-1.33.2 nur.repos.nikpkgs.imhex-bin A Hex Editor for Reverse Engineers, Programmers and people who value their retinas when working at 3 AM.
inotify-consumers-1.0.0 nur.repos.nikpkgs.inotify-consumers Get the procs sorted by the number of inotify watches
lilipod-0.0.2-dev nur.repos.nikpkgs.lilipod Lilipod is a simple container manager, able to download, unpack and use OCI images from various container registries.
memtest_vulkan-0.5.0 nur.repos.nikpkgs.memtest-vulkan Vulkan compute tool for testing video memory stability
netsed-20230501 nur.repos.nikpkgs.netsed-quiet NetSED is small and handful utility designed to alter the contents of packets forwarded thru your network in real time.
ntfs2btrfs-20230501 nur.repos.nikpkgs.ntfs2btrfs Ntfs2btrfs is a tool which does in-place conversion of Microsoft’s NTFS filesystem to the open-source filesystem Btrfs
obsidian-1.5.12 nur.repos.nikpkgs.obsidian-bin Obsidian is the private and flexible writing app that adapts to the way you think.
overlayfs-tools-unstable nur.repos.nikpkgs.overlayfs-tools Maintenance tools for overlay-filesystem
plank-themes-0.0.1 nur.repos.nikpkgs.plank-themes A collection of over 100 plank themes
qemu-host-cpu-only-7.2.0 nur.repos.nikpkgs.qemu-3dfx A generic and open source machine emulator and virtualizer
rustdesk-1.2.3 nur.repos.nikpkgs.rustdesk-bin Virtual / remote desktop infrastructure for everyone! Open source TeamViewer / Citrix alternative
simulide nur.repos.nikpkgs.simulide Electronic Circuit Simulator (with batteries included)
simulide-unwrapped-1.0.1 nur.repos.nikpkgs.simulide-unwrapped Electronic Circuit Simulator
systemd-lock-handler-2.4.2 nur.repos.nikpkgs.systemd-lock-handler Translates systemd-system lock/sleep signals into systemd-user target activations.
tailscale-systray-2023-12-14 nur.repos.nikpkgs.tailscale-systray Tailscale systray
python3.12-unison-gitignore-1.0.3 nur.repos.nikpkgs.unison-gitignore A gitignore-aware wrapper around Unison
wpa_supplicant-2.10 nur.repos.nikpkgs.wpa-supplicant-eduroam Tool for connecting to WPA and WPA2-protected wireless networks