Name Attribute Description
fastfetch-1.8.3 nur.repos.aleksana.fastfetch Like neofetch, but much faster because written in C.
go-musicfox-3.7.2 nur.repos.aleksana.go-musicfox Yet another netease music client written in Go.
gtkcord4-0.0.6 nur.repos.aleksana.gtkcord4 GTK4 Discord client in Go, attempt #4.
vim-9.0.1211 nur.repos.aleksana.gvim-lily The most popular clone of the VI editor
neovim-gtk-1.0.4 nur.repos.aleksana.neovim-gtk Gtk ui for neovim (Rewritted in gtk4).
payload-dumper-go-1.2.2 nur.repos.aleksana.payload-dumper-go An android OTA payload dumper written in Go.
speedtest-go-1.3.1 nur.repos.aleksana.speedtest-go CLI and Go API to Test Internet Speed using
swww-0.6.0 nur.repos.aleksana.swww A Solution to your Wayland Wallpaper Woes.
yofi-0.2.0 nur.repos.aleksana.yofi A minimalistic menu for wayland.