Name Attribute Description
aria2-integration-0.4.5 nur.repos.slaier.firefox-addons.aria2-integration Replace built-in download manager. When activated, detects the download links to direct links to this add-on and send to Aria2
arkenfox-userjs-108.0 nur.repos.slaier.arkenfox-userjs Firefox privacy, security and anti-tracking: a comprehensive user.js template for configuration and hardening
clash-geoip-20230112 nur.repos.slaier.clash-geoip A GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind
copy-link-text-webextension-1.6.4 nur.repos.slaier.firefox-addons.copy-link-text-webextension Copy the text of the link.
dictionary-anyvhere-1.1.0 nur.repos.slaier.firefox-addons.dictionary-anyvhere View definitions easily as you browse the web. Double-click any word to view its definition in a small pop-up bubble. It also supports Spanish, German, French language alongside English. Enjoy Reading Uninterrupted!!!.
material-fox-v93.1 nur.repos.slaier.material-fox A Material Design-inspired userChrome.css theme for Firefox.
motrix-1.6.11 nur.repos.slaier.motrix A full-featured download manager
new_tongwentang-2.2.0 nur.repos.slaier.firefox-addons.new_tongwentang Traditional and Simplified Chinese Converter
programs-db-22.11.2203.285b3ff0660 nur.repos.slaier.programs-db programs.sqlite for command-not-found
rsshub-radar-1.10.1 nur.repos.slaier.firefox-addons.rsshub-radar RSSHub Radar is a spin-off of RSSHub that helps you quickly discover and subscribe to RSS and RSSHub for your current site.
ubootPhicommN1-83038e36425f1748d355ea56a0be1168b46aa7c4 nur.repos.slaier.ubootPhicommN1 new version of uboot for Phicomm N1
undoclosetabbutton-7.5.0 nur.repos.slaier.firefox-addons.undoclosetabbutton Allows you to restore the tab you just closed with a single click—plus it can offer a list of recently closed tabs within a convenient context menu.
vscode-extension-ms-vscode-remote-remote-containers-0.269.0 Open any folder or repository inside a Docker container.
yacd-v0.3.8 nur.repos.slaier.yacd Yet Another Clash Dashboard