Name Attribute Description
batch-cmd-0.2.1 nur.repos.dcsunset.batch-cmd Executing multiple commands in batches concurrently.
commit-and-tag-version-11.3.0 nur.repos.dcsunset.commit-and-tag-version A utility for versioning using semver and CHANGELOG generation powered by Conventional Commits
i3-focus-group-0.1.5 nur.repos.dcsunset.i3-focus-group Create a group for i3/sway containers to easily switch focus between
lfreader-1.4.2 nur.repos.dcsunset.lfreader A self-hosted Local-first Feed Reader written in Python and Preact/React.
rangefs-0.4.3 nur.repos.dcsunset.rangefs A fuse-based filesystem to map ranges in file to individual files.
sabaki-0.52.2 nur.repos.dcsunset.sabaki An elegant Go board and SGF editor for a more civilized age
snapshotfs-0.4.0 nur.repos.dcsunset.snapshotfs A fuse-based read-only filesystem to provide a snapshot view (tar archives) of directories or files without actually creating the archives
swagger-ui-dist-5.16.0 nur.repos.dcsunset.swagger-ui-dist
task-json-cli-8.3.2 nur.repos.dcsunset.task-json-cli Command-line todo management app based on task.json format
tproxy-0.8.0 nur.repos.dcsunset.tproxy A cli tool to proxy and analyze TCP connections.