Name Attribute Description
atlas-cli nur.repos.mloeper.atlas-cli Interact with your Atlas database deployments and Atlas Search from the terminal
aws-iot-securetunneling-localproxy-3.1.0 AWS Iot Secure Tunneling local proxy reference C++ implementation
dashlane-cli-1.13.0 nur.repos.mloeper.dashlane-cli The official Dashlane CLI
devcontainer-cli-unofficial-0.1.5524099953 nur.repos.mloeper.devcontainer-cli-unofficial Unofficial CLI for making it easier to work with Visual Studio Code dev containers from the terminal
dynobase-2.3.0 nur.repos.mloeper.dynobase Professional GUI Client for DynamoDB
elster-authenticator-56.1 nur.repos.mloeper.elster-authenticator Tool to login into Mein ELSTER and authorize operations within the webapp
mousevader-1.2 nur.repos.mloeper.firefox-addons.mousevader A privacy tool that misleads trackers by creating noise
mousevaderv2-2.0 nur.repos.mloeper.firefox-addons.mousevaderv2 A tool that misleads dashboard inactivity detections
git-credential-manager-2.2.2 nur.repos.mloeper.git-credential-manager Secure, cross-platform Git credential storage with authentication to GitHub, Azure Repos, and other popular Git hosting services
glib-2.74.5 nur.repos.mloeper.glib C library of programming buildings blocks
lightdm-webkit2-greeter-2.2.5 nur.repos.mloeper.lightdm-webkit2-greeter A modern, visually appealing greeter for LightDM
mingo-1.13.5 nur.repos.mloeper.mingo The best MongoDB GUI Admin. Intuitive • Fast • Secure
mkusb-nox-23.1.2 nur.repos.mloeper.mkusb-nox Copy an ISO file to a USB device
mkusb-plug-2.8.7 nur.repos.mloeper.mkusb-plug Graphical user interface around xorriso-dd-target and mkusb-sedd
mkusb-sedd-2.8.7 nur.repos.mloeper.mkusb-sedd Create standard cloned live and installer drives and also persistent live drives
mongosh nur.repos.mloeper.mongosh The quickest way to connect to MongoDB and Atlas to work with your data and manage your data platform
nosql-workbench nur.repos.mloeper.nosql-workbench A cross-platform, client-side GUI application for working with DynamoDB.
openvpn3-21 nur.repos.mloeper.openvpn3 OpenVPN 3 Linux client
python3.11-openvpn3-indicator nur.repos.mloeper.openvpn3-indicator Simple GTK indicator GUI for OpenVPN 3 Linux
protobuf-3.19.6 nur.repos.mloeper.protobuf3_19 Google’s data interchange format
s3-browser-cli-1.0.1 nur.repos.mloeper.s3-browser-cli A cli tool to select s3 keys interactively
usbguard-applet-qt-1.0.0 nur.repos.mloeper.usbguard-applet-qt Qt applet of USBGuard, as available before its removal from the USBGuard sources
libisoburn-1.5.6 nur.repos.mloeper.xorriso Enables creation and expansion of ISO-9660 filesystems on CD/DVD/BD