Name Attribute Description
atoms-1.1.1 nur.repos.federicoschonborn.atoms Easily manage Linux Chroot(s) and Containers with Atoms
python3.10-atoms-core-1.1.1 nur.repos.federicoschonborn.atoms-core Atoms Core allows you to create and manage your own chroots and podman containers
blurble-0.4.0 nur.repos.federicoschonborn.blurble Word guessing game
brisk-menu-0.6.2 nur.repos.federicoschonborn.brisk-menu An efficient menu for the MATE Desktop
bsdutils-13.1 nur.repos.federicoschonborn.bsdutils Alternative to GNU coreutils using software from FreeBSD
cargo-aoc-0.3.4 nur.repos.federicoschonborn.cargo-aoc Cargo Advent of Code Helper
chess-clock-0.5.0 nur.repos.federicoschonborn.chess-clock Time games of over-the-board chess
devtoolbox-1.0.2 nur.repos.federicoschonborn.devtoolbox Development tools at your fingertips
fastfetch-1.11.1 nur.repos.federicoschonborn.fastfetch Like neofetch, but much faster because written in C
fastfetch-full-1.11.1 nur.repos.federicoschonborn.fastfetchFull Like neofetch, but much faster because written in C (with all features enabled)
firefox-gnome-theme-113 nur.repos.federicoschonborn.firefox-gnome-theme A GNOME theme for Firefox
gradebook-1.1.2 nur.repos.federicoschonborn.gradebook Grades tracker for pupils and students
kommit-1.0.2 nur.repos.federicoschonborn.kommit Graphical Git client for KDE
libgta-1.2.1 nur.repos.federicoschonborn.libgta A library that reads and writes GTA files, with interfaces in C and C++
libtgd-4.2 nur.repos.federicoschonborn.libtgd A library to make working with multidimensional arrays in C++ easy
libtgd-full-4.2 nur.repos.federicoschonborn.libtgdFull A library to make working with multidimensional arrays in C++ easy (with all features enabled)
libxo-1.6.0 nur.repos.federicoschonborn.libxo Library for emitting text, XML, JSON, or HTML output
liquidshell-1.8.1 nur.repos.federicoschonborn.liquidshell Basic desktop shell using QtWidgets
metronome-1.2.1 nur.repos.federicoschonborn.metronome Keep the tempo
morewaita-44.1 nur.repos.federicoschonborn.morewaita An Adwaita style extra icons theme for Gnome Shell
mucalc-2.1 nur.repos.federicoschonborn.mucalc A convenient calculator for the command line
opensurge- nur.repos.federicoschonborn.opensurge A fun 2D retro platformer inspired by Sonic games and a game creation system
qv-5.1 nur.repos.federicoschonborn.qv A a viewer for 2D data such as images, sensor data, simulations, renderings and videos
share-preview-0.3.0 nur.repos.federicoschonborn.share-preview Test social media cards locally
srb2p-1.3.6 nur.repos.federicoschonborn.srb2p SRB2P is a recreation of Persona’s general gameplay into Sonic Robo Blast 2
surgescript- nur.repos.federicoschonborn.surgescript SurgeScript: a scripting language for games
telegraph-0.1.6 nur.repos.federicoschonborn.telegraph Write and decode morse
textsnatcher-2.0.0 nur.repos.federicoschonborn.textsnatcher Perform OCR operations in seconds on the Linux desktop
tuba-0.3.2 nur.repos.federicoschonborn.tuba Browse the Fediverse