Name Attribute Description
anti-ocr-unstable-2019-01-28 nur.repos.oluceps.anti-ocr
avbroot-3.3.0 nur.repos.oluceps.avbroot Sign (and root) Android A/B OTAs with custom keys while preserving Android Verified Boot
bepass-1.6.2 nur.repos.oluceps.bepass A simple DPI bypass tool written in go
bkworm nur.repos.oluceps.bkworm
caddy-naive nur.repos.oluceps.caddy-naive Fast and extensible multi-platform HTTP/1-2-3 web server with automatic HTTPS
foliate-3.1.0-unstable nur.repos.oluceps.foliate A simple and modern GTK eBook reader
geo-1.1 nur.repos.oluceps.geo An easy way to manage all your Geo resources. Available as both a CLI and a Go library
gg-0.2.18 nur.repos.oluceps.gg Command-line tool for one-click proxy in your research and development
glider-0.16.3 nur.repos.oluceps.glider Forward proxy with multiple protocols support
jlink-udev-rules-1 nur.repos.oluceps.jlink-udev-rules
lxgw-neo-xihei-1.120 nur.repos.oluceps.lxgw-neo-xihei SHSans-derived CJK font family with a more concise & modern look
maoken-tangyuan-0.12beta nur.repos.oluceps.maoken-tangyuan TangYuan/MaoKen TangYuan font
materialgram- nur.repos.oluceps.materialgram Telegram Desktop fork with material icons and some improvements
metacubexd-1.129.0 nur.repos.oluceps.metacubexd
mieru-2.7.0 nur.repos.oluceps.mieru A socks5 / HTTP / HTTPS proxy to bypass censorship
moproxy-0.5.1 nur.repos.oluceps.moproxy A transparent TCP to SOCKSv5/HTTP proxy on Linux written in Rust
mosdns-5.3.1 nur.repos.oluceps.mosdns A DNS proxy server
mosproxy-0-unstable-2024-06-11 nur.repos.oluceps.mosproxy A DNS proxy server
nesquic-unstable-2024-04-21 nur.repos.oluceps.nesquic A Rust Netcat for QUIC
nrf-udev-1.0.1 nur.repos.oluceps.nrf-udev-rules None
opensk-udev-rules-2.0 nur.repos.oluceps.opensk-udev-rules Official OpenSK udev rules list
oppo-sans-0.1 nur.repos.oluceps.oppo-sans a new typeface designed by Oppo for use in the company’s brand identity and as the official font in ColorOS
pingtunnel-2.8 nur.repos.oluceps.pingtunnel Pingtunnel is a tool that send TCP/UDP traffic over ICMP
plangothic-font-0.5.5694 nur.repos.oluceps.plangothic SHSans-derived CJK font family with a more concise & modern look
realm-2.5.4 nur.repos.oluceps.realm
restls-0.1.1 nur.repos.oluceps.restls A Perfect Impersonation of TLS
san-francisco-53ffbe571bb83dbb4835a010b4a49ebb9a32fc55 nur.repos.oluceps.san-francisco
sha3sum-1.2.0 nur.repos.oluceps.sha3sum Sha3sum - compute and check sha3xxx message digest. The command is similar to the GNU commands shaXXXsum. It use and wrap the RustCrypto/hashes lib
shadow-tls-0.2.25 nur.repos.oluceps.shadow-tls A proxy to expose real tls handshake to the firewall
srs-5.0-r2 nur.repos.oluceps.srs A simple, high efficiency and realtime video server, supports RTMP, WebRTC, HLS, HTTP-FLV, SRT, MPEG-DASH and GB28181
techmino-0.17.6 nur.repos.oluceps.techmino Techmino