Name Attribute Description
aliyunpan-2.9.24 nur.repos.rewine.aliyunpan PC client developed based on Alibaba cloud disk web version
cmd-markdown-2017-01-14 nur.repos.rewine.cmd-markdown An easy to use markdown editor
electron-netease-cloud-music-0.9.38 nur.repos.rewine.electron-netease-cloud-music UNOFFICIAL client for Powered by Electron and Vue
GammaRay-unstable-2023-06-22 nur.repos.rewine.gammaray A software introspection tool for Qt applications developed by KDAB
GraphBuilder-1.3.0 nur.repos.rewine.graphbuilder A visualized tool to create a graph
kylin-virtual-keyboard- nur.repos.rewine.kylin-virtual-keyboard Virtual keyboard based on fcitx5 InputMethod Framework
LANDrop-0.4.0 nur.repos.rewine.landrop Drop any files to any devices on your LAN
libkysdk-base- nur.repos.rewine.libkysdk-base libkysdk-base
lx-music-desktop-1.22.2 nur.repos.rewine.lx-music-desktop luoxu music player powered by electron
mogan-1.1.4 nur.repos.rewine.mogan A structure editor delivered by Xmacs Labs
nextssh nur.repos.rewine.nextssh
nowide-11.3.0 nur.repos.rewine.nowide Boost.Nowide - Standard library functions with UTF-8 API on Windows
ttf-ms-win10-unstable-2021-02-10 nur.repos.rewine.ttf-ms-win10 Microsoft Windows 10 TrueType fonts for Linux
ttf-wps-fonts-unstable-2017-08-16 nur.repos.rewine.ttf-wps-fonts Symbol fonts required by wps-office
typora-0.9.98 nur.repos.rewine.typora-legacy A minimal Markdown reading & writing app
ukui-interface-1.0.3 nur.repos.rewine.ukui-interface The File Manager Application of UKUI
wiliwili-1.1.1 nur.repos.rewine.wiliwili Yet another Bilibili client
wio-0.pre+unstable=2021-06-27 nur.repos.rewine.wio That Plan 9 feel, for Wayland
wldbg-unstable-2018-02-18 nur.repos.rewine.wldbg Tool for processing wayland connections
wlhax-2022-10-11 nur.repos.rewine.wlhax Wayland proxy that monitors and displays various application state
wlroots14-0.14.1 nur.repos.rewine.wlroots14 A modular Wayland compositor library