Name Attribute Description
diskgraph-2021-05-13 nur.repos.fliegendewurst.diskgraph Graphs the disk IO in a linux terminal
freqtop-2022-02-01 nur.repos.fliegendewurst.freqtop Monitor for the CPU Frequency Scaling under Linux
map-2020-06-30 nur.repos.fliegendewurst.map Map lines from stdin to commands
q-0.6.0 nur.repos.fliegendewurst.q Tiny command line DNS client with support for UDP, TCP, DoT, DoH, DoQ and ODoH
raspi-oled-unstable-infdev-2 nur.repos.fliegendewurst.raspi-oled OLED display of clock/calendar/temperature
raspi-oled-armv6l-unknown-linux-musleabihf-unstable-infdev-2 nur.repos.fliegendewurst.raspi-oled-cross OLED display of clock/calendar/temperature
ripgrep-all-0.9.7-infdev nur.repos.fliegendewurst.ripgrep-all Ripgrep, but also search in PDFs, E-Books, Office documents, zip, tar.gz, and more [fork with email search support]