Name Attribute Description
cakeml nur.repos.crazazy.cakeml
elm-0.19.1 nur.repos.crazazy.elm A delightful language for reliable webapps
bitwarden-password-manager nur.repos.crazazy.firefox-addons.bitwarden-password-manager A secure and free password manager for all of your devices.
feedbroreader nur.repos.crazazy.firefox-addons.feedbroreader Advanced Feed Reader - Read news & blogs or any RSS/Atom/RDF source.
old-reddit-redirect nur.repos.crazazy.firefox-addons.old-reddit-redirect Ensure Reddit always loads the old design
soundcloud-mp3-downloader nur.repos.crazazy.firefox-addons.soundcloud-mp3-downloader Add download link to all SoundClould tracks
tabliss nur.repos.crazazy.firefox-addons.tabliss A beautiful New Tab page with many customisable backgrounds and widgets that does not require any permissions.
ublock-origin nur.repos.crazazy.firefox-addons.ublock-origin Finally, an efficient wide-spectrum content blocker. Easy on CPU and memory.
vim-vixen nur.repos.crazazy.firefox-addons.vim-vixen Accelerates your web browsing with Vim power!!
youtube_downloader_webx nur.repos.crazazy.firefox-addons.youtube_downloader_webx Download YouTube videos in all available formats and extract the original audio files
guile-hall nur.repos.crazazy.guile-hall
create-react-app-5.0.1 nur.repos.crazazy.js.CRA Create React apps with no build configuration.
eslint-8.47.0 nur.repos.crazazy.js.eslint An AST-based pattern checker for JavaScript.
jspm-3.0.1 nur.repos.crazazy.js.jspm Import Map Package Manager
npe-1.2.0 nur.repos.crazazy.js.npe Node Package Editor: a CLI for one-off inspection and editing of properties in package.json files.
parcel-bundler-1.12.5 nur.repos.crazazy.js.parcel Blazing fast, zero configuration web application bundler
pnpm-8.6.12 nur.repos.crazazy.js.pnpm Fast, disk space efficient package manager
preact-cli-3.5.0 nur.repos.crazazy.js.preact-cli Start building a Preact Progressive Web App in seconds.
rollup-3.28.0 nur.repos.crazazy.js.rollup Next-generation ES module bundler
tern-0.24.3 nur.repos.crazazy.js.tern A JavaScript code analyzer for deep, cross-editor language support
tldr-3.3.8 nur.repos.crazazy.js.tldr Simplified and community-driven man pages
typescript-5.1.6 nur.repos.crazazy.js.typescript TypeScript is a language for application scale JavaScript development
webpack-cli-5.1.4 nur.repos.crazazy.js.webpack CLI for webpack & friends
nix-gen-node-tools-1.0.2 nur.repos.crazazy.nix-gen-node-tools Generates nix expressions for node.js CLI tools written in pure JS
nvfetcher- nur.repos.crazazy.nvfetcher Generate nix sources expr for the latest version of packages
seamonkey nur.repos.crazazy.seamonkey Seamonkey browser.
graalvm17-ce-22.3.1 nur.repos.crazazy.truffleSqueak High-Performance Polyglot VM