Name Attribute Description
act-0.2.43 nur.repos.liyangau.act Run your GitHub Actions locally
case-cli-18ffbe0 Convert string case on your terminal as you want
deck-1.25.0 nur.repos.liyangau.deck decK: Configuration management and drift detection for Kong.
gum-0.10.0 nur.repos.liyangau.gum Tasty Bubble Gum for your shell
hexo-cli-4.3.1 nur.repos.liyangau.hexo-cli Command line interface for Hexo.
kong-portal-cli-3.6.1 nur.repos.liyangau.kong-portal-cli The Kong Developer Portal CLI is used to manage your Developer Portals from the command line. It is built using clipanion.
ov-0.14.2 nur.repos.liyangau.ov Feature-rich terminal-based text viewer. It is a so-called terminal pager.
spruce-1.30.1 nur.repos.liyangau.spruce A BOSH template merge tool