Name Attribute Description
astrochem-v0.9 nur.repos.smaret.astrochem Code to compute the abundances of chemical species in the interstellar medium
mcfost-v3.0.36 nur.repos.smaret.mcfost 3D continuum and line radiative transfer code based on the Monte Carlo method
python3.10-lmfit-1.0.3 nur.repos.smaret.lmfit Non-Linear Least-Squares Minimization and Curve-Fitting for Python
python3.10-pvextractor-0.2 nur.repos.smaret.pvextractor Position-Velocity Diagram Extractor
python3.10-pymcfost nur.repos.smaret.pymcfost
python3.10-pyradex-0.4.2.dev0 nur.repos.smaret.pyradex Python interface to RADEX
radmc3d-2.0 nur.repos.smaret.radmc3d Code package for diagnostic radiative transfer calculations in astronomy and astrophysics