Name Attribute Description
copyq-6.4.0 nur.repos.natsukium.copyq Clipboard Manager with Advanced Features
doq-0.9.1 nur.repos.natsukium.doq Docstring generator
dssp-3.1.4 nur.repos.natsukium.dssp Calculate the most likely secondary structure assignment given the 3D structure of a protein
HackGen-2.7.1 nur.repos.natsukium.hackgen composite font of Hack and GenJyuu-Gothic
HackGen-NF-2.7.1 nur.repos.natsukium.hackgen-nf compoite font of Hack and GenJyuu-Gothic
liga-hackgen-font-0.0.1 nur.repos.natsukium.liga-hackgen-font Ligaturized hackgen with fira code
liga-hackgen-nf-font-0.0.1 nur.repos.natsukium.liga-hackgen-nf-font Ligaturized hackgen-nf with fira code
ligaturizer-5 nur.repos.natsukium.ligaturizer A tool for adding ligatures to any coding font
mmseqs2-14-7e284 nur.repos.natsukium.mmseqs2 Ultra fast and sensitive sequence search and clustering suite
nowplaying-cli-1.1.0 nur.repos.natsukium.nowplaying-cli A commandline utility for currently playing media for macOS
psipred-v4.0 nur.repos.natsukium.psipred Protein Secondary Structure Predictor
qutebrowser-2.5.3 nur.repos.natsukium.qutebrowser Keyboard-focused browser with a minimal GUI
vimplugin-vim-pydocstring nur.repos.natsukium.vimPlugins.vim-pydocstring Generate Python docstring to your Python source code