Name Attribute Description
argparse-2.1 nur.repos.shamilton.argparse Argument Parser for Modern C++
baobab-3.34.0 nur.repos.shamilton.baobab Gnome disk utility fixed icons for KDE
Bomber-19.12.3 nur.repos.shamilton.bomber Arcade Bombing Game
Compton-0.1_beta2 nur.repos.shamilton.compton Compositor for X11
ControlsForFake-unstable nur.repos.shamilton.controls-for-fake The Qt gui frontend for FakeMicWavPlayer
day-night-plasma-wallpapers-unstable KDE Plasma utility to automatically change to a night wallpaper when the sun is reaching sunset
FakeMicWavPlayer-unstable nur.repos.shamilton.fake-mic-wav-player A pulseaudio client to play wav in a simulated microphone
inkscape-1.0 nur.repos.shamilton.inkscape Vector graphics editor
juk-19.12.3 nur.repos.shamilton.juk Audio jukebox app, supporting collections of MP3, Ogg Vorbis and FLAC audio files
KAppTemplate-19.12.3 nur.repos.shamilton.kapptemplate KDE App Code Template Generator
KBreakOut-19.12.3 nur.repos.shamilton.kbreakout KDE’s Breakout-like Game
keysmith-0.2 nur.repos.shamilton.keysmith OTP client for Plasma Mobile and Desktop
Killbots-19.12.3 nur.repos.shamilton.killbots Strategy Game with Robots
KirigamiGallery-20.04.1 nur.repos.shamilton.kirigami-gallery View examples of Kirigami components
KSmoothDock-6.2 nur.repos.shamilton.ksmoothdock A cool desktop panel for KDE Plasma 5
libfake-unstable nur.repos.shamilton.libfake An easy wrapper library around pulseaudio, written in c++
Lokalize-20.04.1 nur.repos.shamilton.lokalize Computer-aided translation system that focuses on productivity and quality assurance
python3.8-gufw-19.0.0 nur.repos.shamilton.gufw Feature complete cross-platform Wii Remote access library
python3.8-iconf-0.0.2 nur.repos.shamilton.python-iconf Simple method used to load configuration variables from different sources
python3.8-merge-keepass-unstable nur.repos.shamilton.merge-keepass Keepass Databases Merging script
python3.8-parallel-ssh-1.9.1 nur.repos.shamilton.parallel-ssh Asynchronous parallel SSH client library
python3.8-ssh2-python-0.17.0 nur.repos.shamilton.ssh2-python Super fast SSH2 protocol library
python3.8-sync-database-unstable nur.repos.shamilton.sync-database Keepass databases synching script to ssh servers and phone
qtile-0.15.1 nur.repos.shamilton.qtile A small, flexible, scriptable tiling window manager written in Python
rofi-unwrapped-1.5.4 nur.repos.shamilton.rofi Window switcher, run dialog and dmenu replacement
Scripts-unstable nur.repos.shamilton.scripts Scripts to make my life easier
spectacle-clipboard-unstable nur.repos.shamilton.spectacle-clipboard KDE Spectacle fork to enable clipboard funcionnalities
supertuxkart-1.1 nur.repos.shamilton.super-tux-kart A Free 3D kart racing game
WiiUse-0.15.5 nur.repos.shamilton.wiiuse Feature complete cross-platform Wii Remote access library