Name Attribute Description
decktape-3.7.0 nur.repos.sagikazarmark.decktape High-quality PDF exporter for HTML presentation frameworks
emmet-ls-0.3.1 nur.repos.sagikazarmark.emmet-ls emmet support by LSP
quarto-1.2.475 nur.repos.sagikazarmark.quarto Open-source scientific and technical publishing system built on Pandoc
reveal-md-5.4.1 nur.repos.sagikazarmark.reveal-md reveal.js on steroids! Get beautiful reveal.js presentations from your Markdown files.
sf-pro-20220523-8bfea09a nur.repos.sagikazarmark.sf-pro San Francisco Pro fonts by Apple
temporalite-0.2.0 nur.repos.sagikazarmark.temporalite An experimental distribution of Temporal that runs as a single process