Name Attribute Description
chainlink-1.2.0 nur.repos.meain.chainlink Get a handle on PR chains on GitHub
chatgpt-cli-1.4.0 nur.repos.meain.chatgpt-cli A versatile command-line interface for interacting with OpenAI’s ChatGPT, featuring streaming support, query mode, and conversation history tracking
dmenu-575252ee7570512226e1f55b45af0e6676f0bbb6 nur.repos.meain.dmenu A generic, highly customizable, and efficient menu for the X Window System
dotool-90184107489abb7a440bf1f8df9b123acc8f9628 nur.repos.meain.dotool Command to simulate input anywhere
a-n-i-m-a-t-e-d-kitty-cat-2.0 nur.repos.meain.firefox-addons.a-n-i-m-a-t-e-d-kitty-cat Dogs have Owners, Cats have Staff.~ Unknown SourceTAGSgallery gray cuddly cute black kitten feline domesticated animal love furry friend pets animated png animated ears & tail walking paw prints footer whiskers=^..^= (") (") SaSSyGirL
aw-watcher-web-0.4.8 This extension logs the current tab and your browser activity to ActivityWatch.
awesome-rss-1.3.6resigned1 nur.repos.meain.firefox-addons.awesome-rss Puts an RSS/Atom subscribe button back in URL bar.Supports “Live Bookmarks” (built-in), Feedly, & Inoreader
aws-sso-containers-1.8 Automatically places AWS SSO accounts into containers.
containerise-3.9.0 nur.repos.meain.firefox-addons.containerise Automatically open websites in a dedicated container. Simply add rules to map domain or subdomain to your container.
ghostpage-0.4.0 nur.repos.meain.firefox-addons.ghostpage Boooooooooooooo!
global-speed-2.9.9971 Set a default speed for video and audio.
markdown-viewer-webext-1.8.1 nur.repos.meain.firefox-addons.markdown-viewer-webext Displays markdown documents beautified in your browser.
mastodon4-redirect-1.4 nur.repos.meain.firefox-addons.mastodon4-redirect Redirects users from Mastodon4 supported instances to their home instance
nattynote-2.1.1 nur.repos.meain.firefox-addons.nattynote Take time-stamped YouTube notes.
netflix-prime-auto-skip-1.1.10 Automatically skip Ads, Intros, Credits and add Speed Control, etc. on Netflix, Prime video, Disney+, Crunchyroll and HBO max.
notifications-preview-github-23.4.6 nur.repos.meain.firefox-addons.notifications-preview-github Quickly see your notifications in a popup without leaving the current page
smartreader-1.6 nur.repos.meain.firefox-addons.smartreader Modify a web page to make it more readable by bolding the beginning of a word (like bionic reading).
try-another-search-engine-0.10.0 nur.repos.meain.firefox-addons.try-another-search-engine Allows quick cycling through predefined search engines (Seznam 🐶, Google, Bing, Brave & DuckDuckGo 🦆) resultsCollects anonymous data about switching search engines. This behaviour can be turned off.
unofficial-hypothesis-1.470.0.2 nur.repos.meain.firefox-addons.unofficial-hypothesis An unofficial extension to collaboratively annotate the web using Hypothesis.
watchmarker-for-youtube-4.6.1 nur.repos.meain.firefox-addons.watchmarker-for-youtube Automatically mark videos on Youtube that you have already watched.
Firefox-126.0 nur.repos.meain.firefox-darwin The Firefox web browser
orchis-2023-06-20 nur.repos.meain.fluent-theme A Material Design theme for GNOME/GTK based desktop environments.
gh-issues-to-rss-0.4.0 Convert Github issues and PRs into an rss feed
gloc-0.0.9 nur.repos.meain.gloc Run a shell command in all the git repos in a directory
kmonad-2022-05-01 nur.repos.meain.haskellPackages.kmonad Advanced keyboard remapping utility
kmonad nur.repos.meain.kmonad An advanced keyboard manager
logseq-doctor-0.1.1 nur.repos.meain.logseq-doctor Heal your Markdown files: convert to outline, list tasks and more tools to come
mmm-0.0.1 nur.repos.meain.mmm Matrix media manager
nn-0.0.3 nur.repos.meain.nn Quick little bot to run shell commands on servers via matrix
otrecorder nur.repos.meain.otrecorder Store and access data published by OwnTracks apps
prosemd-lsp-0.1.0 nur.repos.meain.prosemd-lsp An experimental proofreading and linting language server for markdown files
protodot-87817c3d0a8e7af753af15508b51292e941bc7c6 nur.repos.meain.protodot Transforming your .proto files into .dot files
pulseaudio-virtualmic nur.repos.meain.pulseaudio-virtualmic Use any offline or online media file or stream as a PulseAudio source
quickserve-0.5.2 nur.repos.meain.quickserve Serve a directory over http, quickly
sirus-0.0.8 nur.repos.meain.sirus Simple URL shortner
spaceman-diff nur.repos.meain.spaceman-diff diff images from the command line
toffee-0.5.2 nur.repos.meain.toffee Universal test runner
tojson-0.3.2 nur.repos.meain.tojson Convert between yaml, toml and json
python3.9-traffic-0.5.3 nur.repos.meain.traffic View network up/down speeds and usage
VictorMono-NF-1.5.6 nur.repos.meain.victor-mono-nf Free programming font with cursive italics and ligatures
warpd nur.repos.meain.warpd A small X program which provides novel methods for keyboard driven cursor manipulation.