Name Attribute Description
alacritty-ligatures- nur.repos.xeals.alacritty-ligatures Alacritty with ligature patch applied
amdgpu-fan-0.0.6 nur.repos.xeals.amdgpu-fan Fan controller for AMD graphics cards running the amdgpu driver on Linux
atlauncher- nur.repos.xeals.atlauncher Minecraft launcher
cardboard-20210120.g7b15613 nur.repos.xeals.cardboard Scrollable tiling Wayland compositor designed with laptops in mind
go-qt-20200904.gc0c124a nur.repos.xeals.goModules.qt Qt bindings for Go
libhl-3.1 nur.repos.xeals.libhl Simple and fast C library implementing a thread-safe API to manage hash-tables, linked lists, lock-free ring buffers and queues
mopidy-subidy-1.0.0 nur.repos.xeals.mopidy-subidy Mopidy extension for playing music from Subsonic servers
pam-gnupg-0.1 nur.repos.xeals.pam_gnupg Unlock GnuPG keys on login
picom-animations-10.2 nur.repos.xeals.picom-animations A fork of XCompMgr, a sample compositing manager for X servers
polybar-3.6.3 nur.repos.xeals.polybar A fast and easy-to-use tool for creating status bars
protonmail-bridge-1.8.10 nur.repos.xeals.protonmail-bridge Integrate ProtonMail paid account with any program that supports IMAP and SMTP
protonmail-bridge-headless-1.8.10 nur.repos.xeals.protonmail-bridge-headless Integrate ProtonMail paid account with any program that supports IMAP and SMTP
psst-20221012.d70ed81 nur.repos.xeals.psst Fast and multi-platform Spotify client with native GUI
python3.10-py-sonic-0.7.7 nur.repos.xeals.python3Packages.py-sonic A python wrapper library for the Subsonic REST API
radeon-profile-daemon-20190603.g06qxq2h nur.repos.xeals.radeon-profile-daemon System daemon for reading current clocks of AMD Radeon cards
SamRewritten-2.1 nur.repos.xeals.samrewritten Steam Achievement Manager For Linux
spotify-ripper-20210724.5bfd3f7 nur.repos.xeals.spotify-ripper Rip Spotify URIs to audio files, including ID3 tags and cover art
ytarchive-0.2.2+0304577 nur.repos.xeals.ytarchive Garbage Youtube livestream downloader
zsh-z-20210117.g289a4a7 nur.repos.xeals.zsh-z Jump quickly to directories that you have visited “frecently.” A native ZSH port of z.sh.