Name Attribute Description
IRust-1.71.2 nur.repos.onemoresuza.IRust Cross Platform Rust Repl
appendURL-unstable-2023-05-06 nur.repos.onemoresuza.appendURL Appends url from clipboard to the playlist
chawan-unstable-2023-09-17 nur.repos.onemoresuza.chawan A text-mode web browser
junest-7.4.7 nur.repos.onemoresuza.junest A lightweight Arch Linux based distro
pass-extension-tail-unstable-2022-04-06 nur.repos.onemoresuza.pass-extension-tail A pass extension to avoid printing the password to the console
pass-sxatm-0.1.0 nur.repos.onemoresuza.pass-sxatm A simple X autofill tool with menu for pass
pdpmake-1.4.1 nur.repos.onemoresuza.pdpmake A Public domain POSIX make
ttf-literation-3.0.2 nur.repos.onemoresuza.ttf-literation A ttf Nerd Font based on ttf-liberation