Name Attribute Description
alquitran-unstable-2021-10-03 nur.repos.0x4A6F.alquitran Analysis tool for tar archives
autorandr-rs-0.2.0 nur.repos.0x4A6F.autorandr-rs like autorandr, but toml and a daemon
blflash-0.3.0 nur.repos.0x4A6F.blflash An bl602 serial flasher written in Rust
bouffalo-cli-0.0.2 nur.repos.0x4A6F.bouffalo-cli BL602 Boot ROM utility
check_mk-agent-1.6.0p24 nur.repos.0x4A6F.check_mk-agent Agent to send information to a Check_MK server
conduit-0.2.0 nur.repos.0x4A6F.conduit A Matrix homeserver written in Rust
deploy-rs-unstable-2021-01-02 nur.repos.0x4A6F.deploy-rs A simple multi-profile Nix-flake deploy tool.
espflash-0.1.2 nur.repos.0x4A6F.espflash ESP8266 and ESP32 serial flasher
firejail- nur.repos.0x4A6F.firejail Namespace-based sandboxing tool for Linux
freenukum-0.3.5 nur.repos.0x4A6F.freenukum Clone of the original Duke Nukum 1 Jump’n Run game
gobi_loader-0.7 nur.repos.0x4A6F.gobi_loader Firmware loader for Qualcomm Gobi USB chipsets
libcerror-20201121 nur.repos.0x4A6F.libcerror Library for cross-platform C error functions
mumble-web-proxy-0.0.0 nur.repos.0x4A6F.mumble-web-proxy Mumble to WebSocket+WebRTC proxy for use with mumble-web
photoview-api-2.2.0 nur.repos.0x4A6F.photoview-api Photo gallery for self-hosted personal servers
pixelpwnr-unstable-2020-02-05 nur.repos.0x4A6F.pixelpwnr An RPKI Validator written in Rust
routinator-0.10.0-rc3 nur.repos.0x4A6F.routinator An RPKI Validator written in Rust
wireguard-vanity-address-0.4.0 nur.repos.0x4A6F.wireguard-vanity-address Generate Wireguard keypairs with a given prefix string