Name Attribute Description
aria-csv-git nur.repos.foolnotion.aria-csv Fast, header-only, C++11 CSV parser.
asmjit-git nur.repos.foolnotion.asmjit AsmJit is a lightweight library for machine code generation written in C++ language.
autodiff-v1.0.3 nur.repos.foolnotion.autodiff C++17 library that uses modern and advanced programming techniques to enable automatic computation of derivatives in an efficient, easy, and intuitive way.
berserk-13 nur.repos.foolnotion.berserk Strong open source UCI chess engine written in C
boost-hana-1.7.0 nur.repos.foolnotion.boost-hana Header-only library for C++ metaprogramming suited for computations on both types and values
byte-lite-0.3.0 nur.repos.foolnotion.byte-lite A single-file header-only C++17-like byte type for C++98, C++11 and later
python3.11-cmake-init-0.40.6 nur.repos.foolnotion.cmake-init Modern CMake (3.14+) project initializer that generates FetchContent-ready projects, separates consumer and developer targets, provides install rules with proper relocatable CMake packages.
python3.11-cmaketools-0.1.6 nur.repos.foolnotion.cmaketools Setuptools extensions for CMake: Seamless integration of Cmake build system to setuptools.
cpp-flux-0.1.0 nur.repos.foolnotion.cpp-flux A C++20 library for sequence-orientated programming
cpp-lazy-8.0.0 nur.repos.foolnotion.cpp-lazy A fast C++11/14/17/20 header only library for lazy evaluation and function tools
cppsort-1.15.0 nur.repos.foolnotion.cpp-sort Generic header-only C++14 sorting library.
cppitertools-2.1 nur.repos.foolnotion.cppitertools Range-based for loop add-ons inspired by the Python builtins and itertools library
cpptrace-0.5.4 nur.repos.foolnotion.cpptrace Simple, portable, and self-contained C++ stacktrace library supporting C++11 and greater
cutechess-1.3.1 nur.repos.foolnotion.cutechess-qt6 Graphical user interface, command-line interface and library for playing chess
python3.11-eli5-0.13.0 nur.repos.foolnotion.eli5 Python library which allows to visualize and debug various Machine Learning models using unified API.
eovim-0.2.0 nur.repos.foolnotion.eovim Eovim is the Enlightened Neovim (EFL Gui client for Neovim).
eve-2023.02.15 nur.repos.foolnotion.eve EVE - the Expressive Vector Engine in C++20.
expected-lite-0.6.3 nur.repos.foolnotion.expected-lite A single-file header-only library for objects that either represent a valid value or an error that you can pass by value..
fast_float-6.1.1 nur.repos.foolnotion.fast_float Fast header-only implementations for the C++ from_chars functions for float and double types.
Fastor-0.6.4 nur.repos.foolnotion.fastor A lightweight high performance tensor algebra framework for modern C++
FunctionalPlus-0.2.24 nur.repos.foolnotion.fplus Functional Programming Library for C++
small_vector-0.9.2 nur.repos.foolnotion.gch-small-vector A C++ vector container implementation with a small buffer optimization
Koivisto-9.0 nur.repos.foolnotion.koivisto A strong open-source C++ chess engine
lexy-2022.12.1 nur.repos.foolnotion.lexy A parser combinator library for C++17 and onwards.
libassert-2.0.2 nur.repos.foolnotion.libassert Generic header-only C++14 sorting library.
libdwarf-0.9.2 nur.repos.foolnotion.libdwarf
libnano-0.0.1 nur.repos.foolnotion.libnano Extensive collection of numerical optimization algorithms in C++
linasm-1.13 nur.repos.foolnotion.linasm LinAsm is collection of very fast and SIMD optimized libraries, are written in pure assembly language (FASM) for x86-64 Linux systems.
mathpresso-git nur.repos.foolnotion.mathpresso Mathematical expression parser and JIT compiler
mdspan-0.6.0 nur.repos.foolnotion.mdspan Header-only implementation of ISO-C++ proposal P0009 (non-owning multi-dimensional array)
mppp-1.0.2 nur.repos.foolnotion.mppp C++11/14/17/20 library for multiprecision arithmetic
nanobind-1.9.2 nur.repos.foolnotion.nanobind Small binding library that exposes C++ types in Python and vice versa
ned14-outcome-2.2.8 nur.repos.foolnotion.ned14-outcome C++14 library for reporting and handling function failures
ned14-quickcpplib- nur.repos.foolnotion.ned14-quickcpplib Library to eliminate all the tedious hassle when making state-of-the-art C++ 14 - 23 libraries.
ned14-status-code- nur.repos.foolnotion.ned14-status-code Library to eliminate all the tedious hassle when making state-of-the-art C++ 14 - 23 libraries.
nlr-0.1 nur.repos.foolnotion.nlr C# implementation of nonlinear least squares fitting including calculation of t-profiles and pairwise profile plots
pareto-1.2.0 nur.repos.foolnotion.pareto Spatial Containers, Pareto Fronts, and Pareto Archives
PEGTL-3.2.7 nur.repos.foolnotion.pegtl Zero-dependency C++ header-only parser combinator library.
python3.11-pmlb-1.0.2a0 nur.repos.foolnotion.pmlb A Python wrapper for the Penn Machine Learning Benchmark data repository.
pratt-parser-0.1.0 nur.repos.foolnotion.pratt-parser Very simple operator precedence parser following the well-known Pratt algorithm.
python3.11-pyoperon-0.3.3 nur.repos.foolnotion.pyoperon
q5go-2.1.3 nur.repos.foolnotion.q5go SGF editor and analysis frontend for KataGo, Leela Zero or compatible engines
qpdfview-0.5.0 nur.repos.foolnotion.qpdfview-qt5 A tabbed document viewer
qpdfview-0.5.0 nur.repos.foolnotion.qpdfview-qt6 A tabbed document viewer
robin-hood-hashing-3.11.5 nur.repos.foolnotion.robin-hood-hashing Platform independent replacement for std::unordered_map / std::unordered_set which is both faster and more memory efficient for real-world use cases.
scid-5.0.2 nur.repos.foolnotion.scid Chess database with play and training functionality
scnlib-2.0.2 nur.repos.foolnotion.scnlib Modern C++ library for replacing scanf and std::istream
seq-1.1.0 nur.repos.foolnotion.seq Collection of original C++11 STL-like containers and related tools
simdutf-4.0.9 nur.repos.foolnotion.simdutf_4 Unicode routines validation and transcoding at billions of characters per second
sleef-3.6 nur.repos.foolnotion.sleef SIMD Library for Evaluating Elementary Functions
span-lite-0.11.0 nur.repos.foolnotion.span-lite A single-file header-only version of a C++20-like span for C++98, C++11 and later.
taskflow-3.7.0 nur.repos.foolnotion.taskflow A general-purpose parallel and heterogeneous task programming system
tessil-robin-map-1.2.2 nur.repos.foolnotion.tessil-robin-map C++ implementation of a fast hash map and hash set using open-addressing and linear robin hood hashing with backward shift deletion to resolve collisions.
tlx-0.6.1 nur.repos.foolnotion.tlx Collection of C++ data structures, algorithms, and miscellaneous helpers
trng-4.25 nur.repos.foolnotion.trng Modern C++ pseudo random number generator library
unordered_dense-4.4.0 nur.repos.foolnotion.unordered_dense A fast & densely stored hashmap and hashset based on robin-hood backward shift deletion
vdt-0.4.4 nur.repos.foolnotion.vdt A collection of fast and inline implementations of mathematical functions
vectorclass-2.02.01 nur.repos.foolnotion.vectorclass C++ class library for using the Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) instructions to improve performance on modern microprocessors with the x86 or x86/64 instruction set
vstat-1.0.0 nur.repos.foolnotion.vstat C++17 library of computationally efficient methods for calculating sample statistics (mean, variance, covariance, correlation).
xad-1.5.2 nur.repos.foolnotion.xad C++ library for automatic differentiation
xxhash_cpp-0.8.1 nur.repos.foolnotion.xxhash_cpp C++ port of the xxhash library.