Name Attribute Description
bitmap-fonts nur.repos.dan4ik605743.bitmap-fonts Bitmap Fonts Collections
compton nur.repos.dan4ik605743.compton A compositor for X11 (fork with excellent blur)
htop-3.1.0 nur.repos.dan4ik605743.htop-solarized Interactive process viewer with solarized patch
i3lock-color-2.12.c.5 nur.repos.dan4ik605743.i3lock-color A simple screen locker like slock, enhanced version with extra configuration options (With patches)
sddm-chili nur.repos.dan4ik605743.sddm-chili Theme for SDDM
simp1e-cursors-master nur.repos.dan4ik605743.simp1e-cursors An aesthetic cursor theme for your Linux desktop